Happy St. Patricks Day

Just wanted to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day. From all of us here in Ireland, to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to celebrate Paddy’s day in Ireland at all really, with the way the government managed everything. However, Paddy’s day is something that has come to stand for solidarity in recent times, with all countries all over the world following the #GlobalGreening initiative.

Guim Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona ar gach duine ag an IFC agus níos faide i gcéin. (That’s as good as my Irish gets)

I hope that I can post pictures from the actual parade here in Dublin next year.

credit to Intel Ireland for the drone display.


Yes Happy St. Patricks day to everyone 🙌🏼😉 hope you all have a nice day.


As a Irishman and a DUB myself, happy St Patrick’s day to all my fellow Irish community members, those of Irish blood. Have a safe and healthy day, have a good one man @Triskall777

Céad míle fáilte to all that will come to Ireland in the future.


@Alan_Scott Go raibh míle maith agat. Have a good one.


Everyone have a good St. Patrick’s Day!🍀


Go raibh mile maith agat agus an bfhuil cead agam dul go dti and leithris. My Irish is shocking as well.

Hey, don’t pinch me when I come over to Ireland, I’m not wearing green, I’m wearing white, and happy pats day to you too

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day guys! Hope it’s awesome!

Yes I’m wearing green.

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Thank you.

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It doesn’t matter what color you wear. We love you all the same.

Beautifull!!! Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

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I’m an American but I am celebrating by doing a Aer Lingus 757 flight from JFK to Dublin


/do Pinches everyone without Green in their PFP

Sorry guys/gals… anyways Happy St. Patrick’s day to everyone hope it was greenly good.

Im expecting to see some Green PFP’s after this XD


ah my favorite

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Ah America. We love you here in Ireland.

Nah that just looked like your cat ran over your keyboard

Happy St. Patrick’s I always love this holiday.

Genuine question to those that live in Ireland: How do you guys celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? I imagine it is a lot different from what we do over here in the states being the holiday is much more significant for you guys.

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In normal times, we have parades and celebrations in the towns and cities and we get together with friends and family for dinner and drinks.

Parades, usually involving local community, the armed forces, music, etc. And a tour of pubs in the town in the evening.

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