Happy Solstice

The purpose is to celebrate the solstice by measuring the tilt of the Earth on its axis.

I wanted to find an airport nearly on the equator and be there for the sunrise closest to the current time (less than 4 hours from the solstice at the time this is written). And to make it clear, I wanted that airport to have a north-south runway.

I found Kuabang Airport in Indonesia (WAEK, and it’s 3D). It has a north-south runway, and it’s only just over a degree from the equator.

The solstice is where the sun (sol) stops (stice) and changes direction to start the journey back toward the equator.

This furthest angle the sun gets from the equator on the solstice, is the angle of the Earth’s tilt.

Casual, sunrise, vicinity of WAEK

Sunrise on the solstice, on runway 36 I pointed my nose to the rising sun.

Checking that I’m perfectly pointing to the sun.

The equator runs through my location toward the east. The sun is at 66 degrees. The sun can’t get any closer to N than 66 deg because it’s the solstice. 90-66=24 degrees.

Close enough. Earth’s tilt is 23.5 deg, and here it is verified on the solstice using IF.

Thanks to @Darmawan for the 3D airport WAEK!

Kuabang Airport, Koa, North Maluku, Indonesia


The earth is flat lol… but ok 😂

nice pictures! Gotta love the new CL350 :D


As a proper future Astronaut and passionate about space, i can certify you that earth is not plat


I was just joking lol :)

Earth is actually a torus, y’all ought to do your homework (kidding :D)

Nice shots! It’s different from what we usually see on the forum, so pretty cool

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Thank you! And are you sure you’re kidding?:)



Nice shots! I learned something today :)

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Me too. Never knew the Earth was a flat doughnut!


nah nah y’all are trippin! It’s a freaking GE90 shape! Y’all gotta study in school!


Lol. All of you are crazy.
We all know earth is a square.


Here we have people with photo evidence sir. All respect but until you’re a full fledged astronaut and have some better proof I am doubting you

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no it’s definitely a plat. flat earthers and circle earthers don’t know nothin

@Rinfiniteflight Then the equation for gravity would have to describe a flat donut shaped field of force…

@Darkspoul The equator looks about right. Sailing the seas might be a problem.

@Wonderousbuilder641 Thank you! I appreciated it!

@pug_egg From the beginning of time? Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney beg to differ.

@Darkspoul @Hector_Wilson Yes on the CL350!

@Thomas_Cunningham Thank you!


Last year for the solstice I see I found an airport at the subarctic circle.

Then watched the sun rising to show just its edge at 12 noon, before disappearing below the horizon again.

And fun fact: Melbourne has 23 minutes less daylight on the solstice than Sydney as it’s closer to the south pole.


It’s CL35, not CL350

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Batman’s philosophy appears to be strictly top down. He appears to violate the cumulative experience and research in Crew Resource Management on the effect of safe outcomes.

Phew!, good thing he’s not a pilot in command:
Crew resource management - Wikipedia

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I think yes

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Gotham Solstice. The point at which Robin’s head transitions from one direction to the other


Ok, I read that a second time and got it!