Happy Saturday!

Good morning Pilots

I just bought myself a Samsung Tab 7 tablet aiming to make my IF experience better but wow, I was not expecting it to be this amazing. I have flown over a month of full 24 days if you add up my time on multiple devices but this one blows me out of my mind. It has zero issues. I did a 14 hour flight from WSSS TO KSFO and the whole flight it was butter smooth.

Now thst I’m able to fly better and I have my phone to communicate on IFC while flying, do any of you guys want to fly a few legs with me today?

I didn’t put this in the group flight tab becuase I’m not organizing anything and it’s not for a set time . Comment down below or better yet , message me and we can fly together!



The Samsung Tab S7 has an excellent review in @Kirito_77 ’s Device Compatibility Thread. Glad to see you are enjoying Infinite Flight on a newer high performance mobile device. Happy flying!


Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, that looks like my device but bigger (I think)

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Congratulations on your new Pad! I’m down to fly with you anytime, just contact me and we can schedule it!

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