Happy Nurses Day!

Let’s all please take a moment to ourselves to thank, appreciate and congratulate every single nurse who has been called to duty around the world to help combat this pandemic. Even retired nurses, who have put in their time, have voluntarily decided to help take care of patients again. My mother, being an operating room RN volunteered to help in NYC knowing they would desperately need RNs regardless of their specialty. This post is for all those RNs who answered the call. I personally thank you for your dedication to helping others! HAPPY NURSES DAY!

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(The attached someecards are dedicated to all those nurses, particularly the first one to my mum)


Here in the UK, we celebrate the work our National Health Service puts in every Thursday at 8pm :)


Thank you for your post. As this is neither Infinite Flight nor aviation related, I had to close this post today.

You’re absolutely right, the real heroes these days are those people who work at the frontlines to ensure that not only do we stay healthy but also to keep our daily life up and running. The work that’s being done by nurses, doctors and all health care workers all around the Globe is something that we can’t take for granted. They deserve our gratitude for their work and they deserve that their job gets the appropriate recognition.

Stay safe everyone and take care! 🍀