Happy New Year!

Infinite Flight community,

The time is upon us…

2020 is nearly hours away and for some, 2020 has already arrived. The end of a absolutely spectacular decade. The decade were Infinite Flight came to life and became a success. This has been my first year, with the IFC and Infinite Flight. And boy, have I enjoyed every minute. I would like to thank the staff and moderation team for all that they do and I appreciate everyone that takes part of this community.

This will be my last Screenshot of 2019, and my first year on Infinite Flight. This screen shot was taken in solo with the United A350

I Wish everyone a very Happy New year, and make the next just as good as this year!✈️🥂🥂

For the last time for 2019, S54S Signing out


Wow Great Shot!

Happy New Years to you and your familly and too everyone🎆🎉

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Thanks you too!✈️

Is that real? That’s an amazing edit! And happy (Early for me) new year!

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Thank you! I hope you and your family have an amazing new year!🥂✈️

And yes it is real😂

Love it mate, happy new year :)

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Thanks man! You too!