Happy new year!

Because New Zealand is a natural time machine, we get New Years before everyone else.
I’d just like to say, happy New Years to everyone!


Ayyy this should probably be in the #lounge but whatever most of Down Under isn’t in 2018 yet ;P


Change it, but from the first Country to ever get new year, happy new years and too all, a very very happy New Year’s


I can’t access #lounge
Most people can’t.

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In Indonesia, we should celebrate New Year in 6 hours. But happy new year to those in New Zealand and some Pacific Islands!

Edit : It’s 5 hours and 10 mins to go here


We’ve got just under two hours to go!


For me, I have 4.5 hrs to 2018, but it’s raining heavily here :(

You must be in the eastern states. Us over here in the money making West still have a bit to go.

Here to a early Happy New Year.

Oh and not much of us have access to the lounge, you know, busy with other things in life…

I celebrate new year in about 4 1/2 hours.

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Geez, I celebrate it in about 13 and 1/2 hours😂


7 hrs of 2017 left in India.
Happy early New year to y’all 👍


Yeah I don’t have access to the lounge, I just didn’t think the mods would like this in #general 😉

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Happy New year to you all! 11 hours and 20 minuters to go here in Sweden🎉

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1 Hour 42 Minutes for Me In Brisbane Australia.

Edit- 2hr-2 Minutes.

Time on Computer was originally wrong…

1hr 42? Or 2hr 12min?

Well now 2hr 11min.

No, its 22:22 Right Now…

Edit, Time on my Computer was in-correct.

Current Time of post 21-58.

Happy new year been in 2018 for 50 minutes


Man this is the problem with being on the US West coast. Everyone has an early New Years while we still have to wait. At least we’re ahead of Alaska, Hawaii, and some Pacific Islands.

Happy New Years to all and hope 2018 will be a better year.


11 hours in Brussels!

13 hours to go in Santiago…

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