Happy New Year/Decade!

Did you know Samoa just entered a new decade. As the first country to do so. Yes they did! At 10:00 AM UTC on New Year’s Eve. Samoa celebrated into a new year, 2020, and a new decade, 20s. Go fly over there and get a early new year party!

So Happy New Year Everyone! And New Decade!

Can’t wait to see 2020 will come to us. And yes, the decade! New fashion, new technology, or new aircraft that is advance than 00s and 10s. Let’s cheer and have fun!

I cheated by using time machine. :wink:


Counting down from 2.5 hours away in Sydney :D
Happy (early) new year! Hopefully good things are to come.

Also, technically speaking, Samoa should be the other side of the international date line. They were just fussy haha


Yes indeed and they skipped a day back in 2011 as well. This deal made Samoa the future people, 😂.

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