Happy International ATC Day

October 20th of every year, is the day to appreciate and recognise the hard work of all air traffic controllers around the world. They strive every minute of every day to direct air traffic and monitor aircraft movements through their airspace.

Similarly, Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controllers volunteer their valuable time to keep Infinite Flight skies safe. The expert controllers provide the community with professional ATC services, ensuring the pilots’ safe arrival to their destinations.

Happy ATC Day to all our real and virtual controllers. Your hard work is truly appreciated!


Thank you always Omar, for your service and happy international ATC day to you too!

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Thank you! And to anyone who’s events, group flights or departures I’ve staffed, you guys are welcome.

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Thanks GEnx! 🙂

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Happy to you as well Omar! Joined IFATC since 2017 and continuing the commitment towards bringing the best Air Traffic Control services possible!


Thanks Ray! Appreciate your commitment and ATC services. Glad to have you onboard all those years. Here’s to many more to come! 🙂

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