Happy Infinite Flight Birthday C-17

Happy IF Birthday C-17! This month you’re 7 years old. As a friend I think you need to get some work done. Not saying you’re “saggy” but you need to be a little more “animated” :-)

Must be like “dog years“


Well agreed! Lets hope.

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Better yet, let’s vote!


Voted along time ago to update what seems to be the IF aircraft version of the poor foster child that looks like it was taken from another game and gave it a home here but never got the attention of the other kids.

Maybe the next update. Or the one after that, or the next one maybe next year that someday somewhere gonna make it right but not right now.


Lol I forgot that plane was there for 7 years lol

Yup, and just noticed they’re trying to hide it from the aircraft select page. You have to select the “show legacy Aircraft” to see/fly it anymore.

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I’m older than a plane that’s been around in IF for 7 years I’m 2X older than it

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