Happy Idul Adha

Assalamualaikum and Hi Guys.I just want to say Happy Idul Adha to all Muslim’s in the IFC.I hope you guys are fine anywhere you are.Right now,I’m on studying at pre-university for 3 semesters.After this,I can continue my studies in degrees.I always see the new update on Infinite Flight right now.It’s so amazing.I can’t wait to play again.See you again.

Salam from Malaysia.



Happy Idul Ada! I am from indonesia so I might know a thing or too… (tho i am not muslim) 🙂

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Happy Eid al Adha to all users who celebrate it 😄🕌


I’m not Muslim myself but have many Muslim friends; Happy Eid to all of you; you’re such an amazing community.

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ا سلموليكم means hello
Thank you very much Eid al adha to you too!

Closing this, if we have a post for every holiday we’ll quickly be overrun.

Nonetheless, happy Idul Adha to all who celebrate!