Happy Honolulu flyout 18MAY24 @Dimitrios_TA IS HOSTING NOW!

One of the last event bumps before the event

I will take this but to a Brisbane (even though it is not real)

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All signed up!

@deltaoutofdca @CedricFlys @United403 and @United_8275_heavy i want to clarify if you are still coming


Can confirm.

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Confirmed 👍

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Sorry I was at practice. I’m 80% sure I’m going. But it depends if I have anything.

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This one please.

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All signed up now!

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Thank you

I’ll take this.

All good! Just signed you up

@United403 @United_8275_heavy @deltaoutofdca @Dimitrios_TA @CedricFlys @Qantas327230 @Captain_Param are you guys able to be present on the 20th at the same time? I don’t have PRO at the moment due to personal issues, but hope to get it back within the week.

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Unfortunately, I can only do weekends because of my busy schedule 😔

Not the 20th either?

Nope sadly :(

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Ok then. I’ll let you know if I’m still going to have this event going on Saturday

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I can also do Sunday if you want.

I cant. It’s my mom’s birthday

I’m gonna have to cancel i guess. I don’t have a definitive date and i don’t want to keep changing the date. So sorry everyone.