Happy Honolulu flyout 18MAY24 @Dimitrios_TA IS HOSTING NOW!

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Summary: the beautiful state of Hawaii is home to so many beautiful places! It’s filled with beaches, tropics, and beautiful views. Honolulu is the biggest city in Hawaii and it’s also the capital. Honolulu International Airport serves the US, many places in Aisa, and Australia and New Zealand. I want to do a huge flyout and make this one of the biggest events of the month!

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  1. No trolling
  2. Follow all ATC instructions
  3. If there isn’t ATC then use Unicom properly
  4. I am not responsible for any violations
  5. Have a wonderful time flying!

Server: Expert

Airport: PHNL

Time: 2024-05-18T16:00:00Z2024-05-18T18:00:00Z


ATC Username


A terminal
Gate Airline aircraft destination username
A13 Hawaiian 717 Kahului
A14 Hawaiian 717 Kahului
A15 Hawaiian 717 Kahului
A16 Hawaiian 717 Kahului
A17 Hawaiian 717 Hilo
A18 Hawaiian 717 Hilo
A19 Hawaiian 717 Hilo
A20 Hawaiian 717 Hilo
B and C terminals
Gate Airline aircraft destination username
B1 Southern C208 Kaunakakai
B4 Hawaiian 717 Hilo
B5 Hawaiian 717 Lihue
C1 Hawaiian 717 Lihue
C2 Hawaiian 717 Lihue
C3 Japan airlines 787-9 Tokyo Narita
C4 Japan airlines 787-9 Tokyo Narita
C5 ANA - Lani A380 Tokyo Narita
C6 ANA - Lani A380 Tokyo Narita @The_JuanCap
C7 ANA - Kai A380 Tokyo Narita @CedricFlys
C8 ANA - Kai A380 Tokyo Narita @Dimitrios_TA
C9 ANA - La A380 Tokyo Narita
D and E terminals
Gate Airline aircraft destination username
D1 Alaska 737-900 San Francisco
D2 Alaska 737-900 Los Angeles
E1 Southwest 737-800 San Jose
E2 Southwest 737-800 Los Angeles
E3 Southwest 737-800 Lihue @United403
E4 Southwest 737-800 Hilo
E5 United 777-300 Guam
E6 United 787-10 Chicago Ohare
E7 ANA 787-9 Tokyo Haneda
E8 ANA 787-9 Tokyo Haneda
E9 United 777-200 Guam
E10 United 787-10 Chicago Ohare
F and G terminals
Gate Airline aircraft Destination Username
F1 New Zealand 787-900 Auckland
F2 Qantas A330 Brisbane @Qantas327230
G1 ANA - La A380 Tokyo Narita
G2 Japan 787-9 Nagoya
G3 Phillipines A330 Manila
G4 United 757 San Francisco @Captain_Param
G5 Delta 767 Detroit @deltaoutofdca
G6 American 787-800 Dallas Fort Worth
G7 Asiana 777-200 Seoul
G8 United 777-200 Denver
G9 Delta 767 Seattle
G10 American A321 Phoenix
G1A United 777-200 Los Angeles
G1B Jetstar 787-800 Sydney
Mokulele stands
Stand Airline aircraft destination username
1 Southern C208 Kaunakakai
2 Southern C208 Kapalua/Lahaina
3 Southern C208 Lanai
4 Southern C208 Kapalua/Lahaina @MAviationYT
cargo stands
Stand Airline Aircraft Destination username
1 DHL 777F Singapore
2 UPS 747-800 Hong Kong
3 DHL 777F Sydney
10 UPS 747-800 Sydney
11 UPS 747-800 Ontario
12 Atlas Air 747-800 Auckland
13 FEDEX MD11 Guangzhou
14 FEDEX 777F Memphis

First bump

i would come but its sunday midnight :(

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I cannot join cause I lost grade 3

I will take this

This airport is not Lahaina. It is actually Kapalua, Maui, but it serves Lahaina too.

This flight is on a 767, not a A330.

And, why is there the same flights at different terminals?

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Thank you so much. I’ll change that right away

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Wait. I thought this was an actual flight.

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It is. The airport is Kapalua/Lahaina.

Oh. Ok. I’ll change it then

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2nd lil bump

I’ll take this one!

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Good choice! all signed up

A gate change was made! Mokulele stand 2’s destination was changed from kaunakakai to Kapalua/Lahaina

Little bump. Time is running out, but there sre still a lot of gates left

Event bump again

This but to Lihue

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Signed up! All good to Lihue

Hey @United_8275_heavy, i saw you clicked going. Did you want a gate to reserve?

I will take this :)

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All good now!

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