Happy Father's Day to the Founding fathers!

Often, most complain about what’s “not” working correctly in infinite flight or complain that features aren’t being added fast enough. Little do we take the time to say thankyou to the gentlemen who took the time to creat such an amazing simulator. For some this may just be another game but for a few gentlemen this is their baby.

A baby that is shared round the world and enjoyd by thousands of people. A baby that has grown from infant stages to Infininte possibilities. I’d like to personally say thank you and Happy Father’s Day to the developers of this amazing flying simulator!

Thank you @matt And @philippe

Happy Fathers Day Gentlemen!


Yes agreed. Happy Fathers Day to all the male IF and real-world pilots, ground crew, FAs, maintenace workers, and gate/airpot employees!

Happy fathers day to the three devs + the anonymous one in addition, assuming you all are fathers (Which you must be at this point :wink:).

Best, Boeing707

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Very creative, I like it :)

Happy Fathers Day. A day God may give you some peace and save you from endless crying and moaning. 😀

[continuing from where you left off]… of people asking for a specific liveried-A320.


Best, Boeing707

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You’re a dev?

Best, Boeing707

lol, thanks :smile: