Happy Birthday to the R22!

The helicopter that change the way pilots train.

First, happy birthday to the Robinson R22 series, the R22 changed the entire helicopter game by allowing the normal every day person to spend money to train to be helicopter pilots.

Frank Robinson, the owner and designer of Robinson Helicopter and Robinson R22 had resigned from working for Hughes Helicopters to start his own company. With over 15 years of helicopter experience building and designing everything from the Cessna CH-1 to the building a new tail design for the MD500 Robinson had a good foot in the helicopter business.
In the mid 70s Robinson began to design the two seater, single engine helicopter which became the R22. The first R22 took to the skies in 1975 by test pilot Joseph John “Tym” Tymczyszyn. In 1979 the FAA blessed the R22 and gave it the type certification. From there the R22 was built into four different kinds, the R22hp, R22 Alpha, R22 Beta and the R22 Beta II. The R22 is used all over the world to train new pilots, for their private, now instruments and commercial ratings. With the design of the R22 the R44 came about.

Thank you Frank Robinson and happy 40th anniversary of the R22!

(photo own by Robinson Helicopters)


Happy Birthday 🥳

Flying in this tomorow. I’m going to be working for my dad this summer so i get to see this beauty as long as the 44 all summer.

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They’re good helicopters as long as you treat them right

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Yeah my dad knows them like the back side of his hand with a few crashes…in a lake

It’s a beautiful helicopter I’ve flown in it’s big brother a couple of times and someday hope to train in this beauty😍

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Best kind of flying ever!

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I have a few pictures of from my last helicopter flight it was fun

This was the beauty I got to fly on


This was earlier tonight after our flight! Not a 22 but hey helicopters are cool


212! Thats what I call a real helicopter 😍


She just got upgraded! New twin pack she’s a Hp ship!


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