Happy Birthday to the Concorde

Happy 50th birthday to the Concorde. On this day Concorde took to the skies for the very first time.

She would serve several airlines from 1973 until 2003 when she was retired from service.


Wow, that just made my day, happy 50th Concorde!


The Concorde will forever live in our hearts.


🎶Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Concorde
Happy birthday to you🎶


The first time I saw a Concorde was last year in the Smithsonian Museum (in the attachment near KIAD airport). I was very amazed to see with my own eyes this airplane.


Yay I get to see a Concorde when I go there with my school!!


Happy Birthday concorde!!


This is off topic but I don’t know what it is but the Air France livery looks amazing on any aircraft, not just the Concorde


Looks better on Concorde

Yeah, it does.

I have never seen or flown any Concorde in my life! Damn I love this aircraft! 😱

That’s so cool

For one, Cough cough HEARTS Cough Cough.

Second, congrats my fast boi.

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Time really flies and flies fast when it comes to the Concorde

Happy Birthday Concorde, you lived a life, that was exciting, revolutionary and one that changed how super-sonic flights were seen by the human eye. Setting world records and reaching its destination in such a short time period, it has yet to be beaten. Though lived short, and due to economic reasons as well as a last deadly end to it, the Concorde said its goodbye to the world, but left the impression of fast travels through the air and the records made stay in the books and hearts of people who saw up to the engineering marvel it was for its time ✨

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I’ll always remember the day I went to the concorde museum in Barbados, one of the best days of my life! Unfortunately don’t have any pictures of it since I was only 7 years old at the time.

But I’ll never forget that day nor forget the concorde in general!

I’ve seen that exact same Concorde!
Happy late birthday Concorde :)

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