Happy Birthday Levet

I just realized that today was @Levet’s birthday. @Levet is one of the best members here on the IFC. He helps people on the forum and he even does ATC sometimes on expert. Personally, he has done a lot for me so I want to thank him by wishing him a very happy birthday


Happy birthday, and warm regards Levet!

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Sending him a PM will suffice. Please refrain from making topics celebrating birthdays.


Hey there mate, making a birthday topic for Levet isn’t the best idea as he’s the one who started announced the ban on Birthday topics a few months back

If you wish to send the good man a birthday wish, a PM will suffice

Wow, his birthday is on Infinite Flight’s anniversary!


No way, are you kidding me?

Yeah! Infinite Flight was first available to users on April 25, 2011. He has the same birthday!

Thanks for the kindness all. I’ve had a great day spending time with wife and kids, getting some flights in tonight and had some fun on IFC.

That’s no coincidence either. 2 legends (Infinite Flight and Levet) sharing a cool date together 😎