Happy Birthday Infinite Flight Simulator

if I’m not mistaken, today’s IFS’s 6th birthday!!!

A big global Happy Birthday to IFS ;-)…and thanks to Laura and Philippe for creating it, and all the others working also on it, so that we all are satisfied :-)

bisous ❤️❤️❤️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️❤️❤️❤️



Happy birthday infinte flight best flight sim


Happy Birthday IFS! We love you and your “flying objects”


Happy birthday IF! Best mobile flight simulator according to most YouTube videos.


happly birthday to you infinite flight.
u have truly grown into a simulator that was once with a plane and a runway, to having realistic aircrafts with real liveries and more than 10 airports in each region. let’s not forget about live flight !! Global Is right around the corner , and all if the hard work will pay off.
once again, happy birthday!


Does any dev have a picture from like the beginning to now?

KLAX Then (1 Plane with barely any scenery) to now in live (50 Planes taking off on the taxiway and taxiing in general)


Happy Birthday,

Congrats to the devs and all the people that made IF what it is today, a truly remarkable simulator with an absolutely amazing community.

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Well TBH… We all made IFS what it is today. All the ideas and bug reports and just in general; playing it and funding it!

But congrats DEVS!

What??? That’s why I said “All the people”… lol.


Happy birthday to this great game, it has changed allot in 6 years. It went from flying in one region to being able to fly every where globally with amazing graphics! This is great, shoutout to the developers and moderators for making this game a great experience, and to all of the IFATC for making the expert server the expert server.


OMG I don’t know today is infinite flight 6th anniversary

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Happy Birthday to this awesome Simulator!

Thanks to Laura, Philippe, Tyler, and other FDS developers who have patiently developed this simulator from a newbie simulator into a huge scale of simulator with thousands of customers. IFS always give us many surprise to us and amazes us with the updates ❤

I wish in the future, IFS can keep growing into one of the best simulator in mobile device and always be loved by everyone! I can’t imagine about IFS in several years again with these surprising updates. Thanks alot FDS ❤🎈🎆🎁🎀👏


Happy flying days to you, Happy flying days to you, Happy Birthday FDS, Happy birthday to you!

Hip hip, Hooray, Hip Hip, Hooray, Hip hip HOORAY!

Congratulations to everyone at FDS!!! 🏆🎗🎖🎉🎁🎊📯🎉


Yay ! Happy birthday to the best mobile simulator ! Thanks to all the devs !


Happy Birthday Infinite Flight.

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FDS, you should be proud of this amazing simulator on a mobile device. The amount of quality in the aircraft through the years is amazing, and I cannot wait for what’s coming next. Happy Birthday, IF!


Happy Birthday Infinite Flight and well done to all the staff. You have truly been amazing. From what’s been a simple flight simulator landing in certain regions you have tirelessly research and worked hard to develop the much loved simulator we have today. Always thinking of new ways to make the experience more realistic and now Global is coming out, you should pat yourselves on the back (although I think you’ve already done this with numerous team days)

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Happy Birthday, Infinite Flight! Hopes for the best updates.

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Happy birthday Infinite Flight! Here’s to many more successful years of flight simming.

Happy bday IFS hope to have many more birthdays