Happy birthday, Guatemala!

Hey, thanks for clicking!

I’m a huge fan of Iberia, and it has a lot interesting routes.
One of them is Madrid - Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala (yes that’s the city)
So, today is Guatemala’s Independence Day, and have done this route many times, like when I went from Madrid to Guatemala City, and then, to Flores.
So I thought that this would be the best route for today!

Flight info (yes today I did not forget)

MGGT- LEMD, 10:06, 4702nm, Solo server, A330 Iberia livery.

Takeoff from Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala.

Fun fact, Guatemala (city) is inside Guatemala (department) is inside Guatemala (country)
The three big volcanoes there are: volcán de fuego, pacaya and volcán de agua.

Cruising over Belize

The beautiful cays of Belize :)

Cruising over the Bahamas

The bahamas look brighter in Infinite Flight.
Weird, right?

Poster :)

Landing in Madrid

Parked in Madrid Barajas

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Nice photos lol

Sorry, this is actually a -12 fpm landing, tho it’s the a330 :(


Best photo by far


Thanks, I use some tricks to do them! ;)

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My best photo ever, in my opinion, is in the fired by Ryanair topic.


Oh my god I forget one photo :v

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Yes I agree.

Was pretty sure you would agree
But I don’t know which is the best, the only thing I know is that it is on that topic.
Is it the poster or the last one?


Happy Birthday to Guatemala, and many other Latin American countries in the near future (Mexico tomorrow)! And, happy first day of Latin American Heritage Month!


Or better say “month of the Spanish collapse”


I just like all the over edited posters lol


Is there a new rule about that? I don’t see anything in the Screenshots and Videos category guidlines.

I got a post taken down because of over editing
Tho I don’t wanna talk about that

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