Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart!

Amelia Earhart is one of the most interesting and important figures in aviation history. While her cause of death is not known, she set records, including being the first woman to fly. Her legacy will never be forgotten and today, she turns 120 years old. Happy birthday Amelia Earhart!


Happy birthday Amelia, may you have a Heavenly birthday!


120 years! That’s a long time. May she Rest In Peace

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Hapoy 120th Amelia, rest up 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

happy birthday record breaker!!!

Thank you for creating the 99’s and pioneering in countless parts of aviation, as well as helping to start Southern California aviation :)

Thank you for showing that Women can make a difference. History learnt from this and it helped in giving women equal rights. May you Rest In Peace on your 120th bday.

Who said she was dead?

120th birthday. Most 120 year old’s are dead. And also she crashed in the Ocean. Most people don’t have gills


She’s alive and living in a hidden location along with Sasquatch, Jimmy Hoffa, D.B. Cooper and, of course, Elvis.


Yet she is 120? lol @Codeman

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Eh, no? She was the first woman the fly the Atlantic solo but not the first female to fly. In fact, 15 people had been issued pilot certificates before her and surely some of those have flown before her.

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None as popular @Samuel123abc

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No, I haven’t heard of a single one. The fact I wrote that is because I wanted to emphasize on my point that she was not the first woman to fly but the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo.

Nonetheless, I wish her (a late) happy birthday as well!

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Happy birthday Amelia Earhart!🎂✈️


You’re only 2 months late.


Who cares. We like to call it happy late birthday. @cleipelt

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