Happy Anniversary, Daniel14!

You know the drill. You probably already knew what the first line would say. Now, as we did to Misha, Seb, and many others, make sure he has a lot of PMs to check! If there is less than 100 then its not good enough.

Anyways, happy anniversary to @Daniel14 ! You’re a great member of this community who shows everyone new and old how to properly act on the community. May your day be filled with merry wishes, hundreds of PMs, and sunglassed-corgies! :D


Not my birthday yet… just forum anniversary. Thanks for the thought though! Just save it for May 21st.


Your anniversary, excuse me. Let me fix that. :)

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The Moderation Team has had some discussions about these threads and we feel that these are just getting out of hand. Feel free to congratulate folks via PM and so on. This is what’s best for the community and we are very appreciative of those that continue to contribute often and consistently.

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