Happy and Blessed

Im happy to say that I am happy to be here. The community is very professional and very helpful. Thanks to those who make the IFC what it is.


It’s great to have you here! Thanks for being a member of this forum, here is to many years.


Great. Nice to finally see some appreciation!

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Thanks Mate. Im very blesses to be apart of this IFC


This community is a great thing! There are many great things and people on it!

I love it and I’m glad that you do too!

Can’t wait to see you climb up the ranks!



Absolutely!!! Its a great thing happening. I love it.


Thank you soo kindly mate!!!

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Glad that you are happy. Here’s a throwback for you. Cheers!

Bust out your roller skates and really turn it up.



Welcome to the community!

We are happy to have you here. :)

Thank you soo very kindly mate. Im blessed to be here.

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I am happy to say that I am happy that you are happy to say that you are happy to be here!

Thanks for being here.

Well, hi!

You know, I’ve joined this community in May 2015. That was quite a long while ago. Sadly, I forgot about it until about 10 months ago when I found it again.

The great thing about this community is that we all share one passion: Aviation. And we can live out this passion in Infinite Flight. So we all share the same passion as well as we all share the same connection point: Infinite Flight.

It’s always fun to see people regularly around here and meet them in the game afterwards. It’s also fun to hear different options on different subjects. And it’s also fun that you always see familiar faces as you start to get to know a few names around here.

I’m glad that I not only found that simulator, but also that community because it’s a place where I can share my experiences with people who mostly have the same interests and it’s a place where I can grow. Not only in my flying skills, but also on a personal level. I can use my English which I can’t use a lot in reallife; I also can help people when they have questions to which I sometimes know the answer; …. And I’m happy to see this community grow with new people that share the same passion.

Enjoy community! And have a great day or night, wherever you live.


For you to be a member of this forum and giving thanks to everyone out there really makes me think of how we’re all not only a community but somewhat of a family. Very glad to have you here along with any other member or newcomer!

Fly High


We hope you enjoy it here friend!!

We are very happy to have you here

Thank you much mate, great to meet you eh

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Thank you much mate. Im soo excited.

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I really do thank you for the kind words mate!!

Glad you like it as much as we do! This is the best place to be for helpful advice.