Happy 9th Birthday, Infinite Flight!

Well you know IF they are unpredictable with everything and that’s what’s fun

Can we just celebrate?

Let’s not speculate, let’s celebrate!


The good old days, I first started when I was 9 In 2013

Nice! I started when I was seven, I remember sending @Tyler_Shelton a thread of immature support emails… 😂


Happy birthday Infinte Flight! It’s been great for 5 years! And I can’t wait for the future!

Happy birthday Infinite Flight! For a person playing the game since 2012, where you could purchase aircraft and regions and there was no live mode until 2015, I couldn’t be any prouder of what the game has become today. It all started with an atmosphere that turned into white, the higher you went, the scenery was green, the map was small but coloured, even there was a space shuttle landing mode, and if I can there was a 172 flight lesson mode thingy, but from there they sacrificed those modes to allow room and space for a lot of features. I also remember when live was out before global was released, the severs were not called ‘casual’, ‘training’, or ‘expert’, except they were called ‘free flight’, ‘playground’ and ‘advanced’. There’s a lot of other things I could say, but I’m just here to celebrate it’s 9th birthday, and what a game it has become, with the amount of dedication being put into it. Thank you IF, and happy birthday! 🎉

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Happy birthday! Infinite flight🎂

It is a long journey for staffs behind the Infinite flight. They spend a lot of time on developing this game.

I remembered the first time I played it. I said"wow, that’s what I want. It is so amazing". I sincerely hope that infinite flight can go well in the following days.

Happy birthday!🎉

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Amazing work accomplished from the entire present Infinite Flight team and the past. Been playing through and through since May 2017. Amazing progress seen and goals completed from a community perspective and the simulation itself perspective. Happy birthday Infinite Flight!!


Happy birthday IF!🛫🛫 🎂 It’s been 9 years already?! Wow next year is the big decade. This app has been further progressing to its true glory and each and everyday is getting better and better. Been a longtime member since November of 2014 and all that progress really has paid off. I’m proud of what this app has to offer. It paved the way towards this wonderful community on top of all its beautiful features. Still gonna take my money, that’s for sure

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Wow, I remember my first time trying to take off in 2013. I flipped my Cessna, and crashed. Good memories, this was my first flight simulator.


Wow! Awesome, Happy Bday Infinite Flight. :)

Huge thanks to the dev and moderator team for their hard work. Love Infinite Flight!

This sim has come a long LONG way! 9 years of pure joy, fun and entertainment! Remarkable progress over the years and all that credit goes to the Team, as well as the community who contributed in some way or the other! Happy 9th Birthday Infinite Flight! Cheers to many more successful years ahead 🥂


Ehem is this thing on?

Hi yes I’m Asher and I’m here to tell you why Infinite Flight is so significant to me. For the past 7-8 years Infinite Flight has sparked a fire in me to keep going the extra mile and to get closer with my love in aviation. It has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and quite honestly has made me the person I am today. Being with Infinite Flight for a large portion of their time being on the market is special as I’ve seen them grow from a small game within a region to live servers with multiplayer and then seeing the whole world before my eyes with global come alive. That’s special to me. It’s emotional seeing how far this has come and being apart of it. Right after global I knew that Infinite Flight had somewhere special in my heart and it was more than significant to me. I remember going home everyday in 4th grade it probably was refreshing the App Store and watching Infinite Flight Live teasers in anticipation for IF Live to drop. Never did I think that Infinite Flight would come this far today and go beyond the limitations of what a mobile device can offer. It’s allowed me to have the whole globe in the palm of my hands. I’ve dedicated countless hours and time for Infinite Flight because it makes me happy to see what this simulator has become and how I’ve evolved as a person with the help of infinite flight. With my love for this sim I got my schools permission to start and teach a class just for Infinite Flight use and they even payed for subscriptions. That was a huge moment for me as I was expressing my love for aviation with my piers and getting the word about IF out to my school! Infinite Flight has taught me to always strive for what you want. A year ago today I would of never thought I would be in IFATC for example but a little push (Thanks for that push Misha at Oshkosh) can get you there with some time. It’s also taught me to never give up even during the tricky times as well as the importance and joy of helping others out. I’m extremely glad I’ve gotten to spend these last 8 years of my time watching Infinite Flight evolve into something unimaginable and becoming so beyond significant to me as well as being a HUGE part of my childhood. I cannot believe that some of my closest friends are on this forum and have flown out to meet some of them I’m talking about you Braden. I’m glad I’ve found my group and share something in common with you all. For that I thank you Infinite Flight for making me the person I am today and having such a significant impact on my everyday life. Congratulations on 9 years!

Thank you for all you do, you are all inspirational to exceed the limit and go beyond. 9 years of coming so far makes me very enthusiastic of what the future can hold with the amazing work, love, and dedication put into this simulator. ❤️


Wow, congrats IF!
I’ve been playing since the end of 2012, and saw many positive changes. Keep up the good work!!!

Wow! Awesome, Happy Bday Infinite Flight. :)😍

At this time last year I was “training” for the first time in solo trying to figure out how to fly. I’ve actually also in April passed my first anniversary flying on infinite flight, and my first anniversary in the IFC.

Thanks and congrats to the devs for the work done, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed flying in the sim for just over a year and look forward to the future. The updates brought in 2019 were incredible. Thank you also to the IFC for all the support in providing knowledge and skills that help everyone become better pilots. A round of applause for everyone!!


Thinking back 8 years when I first downloaded the game, I used an A380, and had no idea how to make it take off… good times, but look at the game now, and how much I’ve actually learnt from it, crazy to think about

Happy 9th Birthday IF!🎉

I can’t wait to see what comes next for the game!

Happy birthday IF!!! So proud to be part of this, and, let us not forget, happy birthday to @Levet!!! We all really appreciate the work you do here for this amazing community, once again, happy birthday!

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