Happy 9th Birthday, Infinite Flight!

🎂 Happy Birthday, Infinite Flight! 🎂
Howdy! As some of you may already knew, today, April 25th is the day that 9 years ago, Infinite Flight was created. It has been a long awesome, fun-packed adventure for all of us, and we are forever grateful to thedevs, and especially the founders of Infinite flight, @Laura and @philippe. What started as a concept gradually evolved into something much more, and look at how far we've come.

Credit: Anshul28

We started out on April 25, 2011, with the first version of Infinite flight. No multiplayer, no Community, just you in your own solo world. But when 2015 came around, a whole bunch of new things came. Multiplayer, the IFC, the first iteration of ground effect, and the A320. Fast forward a bit, it’s 2020, we have global flight, live cockpits, realistic weather, new aircraft, a new fresh logo, free cam, and many many more features. And even after all of this, the developers and moderators are STILL working to make Infinite Flight the best that it can be. So I want all of you, no matter what you are doing, to stand up and applaud to them. Over the course of nine years, they haven’t slowed down in their rate of work. And especially during the circumstances we are going through now, they haven’t even thought about it. Nine years worth of hard work. So fantastic job @moderators (sorry for the tag) for always thriving to make Infinite Flight better, no matter what is happening around them. No matter the burden, they’ll always do their best to make us enjoy the sim. You can read more about the history of Infinite Flight here.

What started out as that has now evolved into something beautiful, thanks to all of the hard work put into Infinite Flight by the developers.

What started as the simple Flight Development Studios TM has now become a sleek, modern Infinite Flight LLC. It’s been a great nine years, and I look forward to the next great years to come. Infinite Flight has progressed insanely from a small handful of players, to a huge variety of players from all across the globe.

🎉It’s been a great nine years, and here’s to many more! 🎉


Credit: Alex_L

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I remember when IF first came out, the app itself was free for just a bit I believe. I found it when the app was still free 🤭. Best app download I ever made! Of course I am more than happy to pay my subscription every year


Happy Birthday Infinite Flight!

I’ve been using Infinite Flight since 2013 and I have seen lots of changes throughout the years, I remember the Space Shuttle, the old Airbus A321 with the US Airways Livery, and so much more. Infinite Flight has helped “carry my passion” for aviation and made me love it even more. When I first downloaded the simulator, I wasn’t the best, I don’t recall what aircraft I used first but I do remember that I’d always crash on landing, takeoff with full thrust and no flaps, go vertical, etc. Since then, I’ve become more professional and know how to fly now. I’ve had countless amounts of great memories with Infinite Flight and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Infinite Flight will always have a spot in my heart forever.


Thanks for the memories IF.

The first ever moment I bought it from the app store I had no idea if it was worth it, since I was just a child and had no thought about aviation, but over the years I thought about it and realized it was the best purchase I’ve ever made.

Happy birthday IF, im about to hit 1700 hours, and I am really looking forward for another 1700 to come.

Cheers, and thank you so much FDS. 🥂


Happy 9th anniversary IF!

Best flight sim by far

I’d just like to say thank you to IF and the IFC for this amazing experience you’ve all brought me through out my time here. I’ve made so many friends and memories along the way, I’d just like to say thank you. It’s fasinating to see how far Infinite Flight has come as a whole. From an app with no global, no multiplayer, very few planes, etc, to an app with 1000’s of users each month, global, multiplayer, highly realistic flights, ATC. I could go on and on about this. Just watch this video, and compare it to this. Infinite Flight has made me have so many other aviation related connections as well. If it weren’t for Infinite Flight, I probably wouldn’t be into aviation anymore. I’d like to give a deep and sincere thank you to all the mods, staff, FDS, and everyone else who uses Infinite Flight, or has an IFC account. We wouldn’t be here without you all🎉

From the bottom of my heart, happy birthday Infinite Flight


Hey it’s me!

Infinite Flight is really great app, it was the first the simulator I ever owned (Pre-Global.) I appreciate the community and app. I can’t wait to see the future!

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How amazing! I haven’t been with infinite flight for as long as many of the people here on forum but in the time I’ve been here I’ve connected with new friends worldwide and made so many great memories. Happy Birthday Infinite Flight!

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I totally agree, guys! I’ve been here since 2013, it was quite an interesting sim then, but it’s even better now. >:)

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I was about to make a topic but isn’t it 9

Oops, let me fix that…

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9 is a lucky number… for me at least!

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I think infinite flight could have a surprise I am going to PREDICT a trailer tomorrow


Take it outside.


I know it kinda fits in here also

Then prepare to be disappointed because you have no idea if that is actually happening or not.


Guys, please take it to the Development thread.

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Happy birthday!!! 🎊 I’m proud to be a IF member I remember when everyone did KLAX-KNUC. Great times that’s all we really had back then.Now we have 777 on the way with correct engine sounds(Can’t wait btw😆) we have a A350 and A320 with live cockpit we have global and a rework C172 and the X cub also we have airport diagram coming! I am so glad to see IF grow up!
Happy Birthday 🎉!!!

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But honestly I have been here since October of 2017 I have seen stuff change I was lucky to be here before global released and I am looking forward for the years to come. Keep it up Infinite Flight🥳

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*sniff *… They grow up so fast… 😢



Happy birthday IF! I’ve been playing since June 2017, and this sim has taught me so much about aviation. Keep up the phenomenal work!

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