Happy 50th to the 747

I was a load master working on the -200 contracted to Kalita, -400, -8F and the DreamLifter. The Dreamlifter was a pig of our fleet. But the DreamLifter is the fastest 747 out there by like 3 knots lol

I don’t have to many crazy stories besides getting stuck in China due to smog one time lol


Here’s a few pics I took while at work


I was scheduled to go to Hong Kong, and the jet arrived and they opened every… single… door… every… door and window, reason why…

An entire 747 full of pigs…


Was his callsign PIG PIG Heavy? 🤣

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I think I was just 7 or 8 when I took my first 747 flight. I was going to visit my cousins in Japan,when United still operated 747-400s on their KSFO to RJAA routes. It really started to spark my interest in aviation,but it’s so sad that they are all but gone now.

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Wait you rode on RJGG-KTDW? They operate A332s on those routes now.

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Well, I am a Airbus supporter but I have to admit that it is a very special plane! The hump is iconic! Had the luck to flew two Qantas 747s. One of them was scraped (I think it was in 2014), the other I don’t know the registration.

That is AWSOME the coolest load EVER I don’t see the airbus beluga taking that! 🤣🤣🤣

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I’ve never been on a 747 but I have seen BA 747s numerous times.

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The 747 is special to me too. I was waiting for a flight to MCO, and I just saw her takeoff into the sunset at JFK. I knew at that point aviation would be a passion of mine.Happy 50h 747


Happy 50th Birthday 747! You had and still have a strong position in all our hearts and have flown us to many locations.

I have luckily had the privelige of flying the 747-400s of:

British Airways
United Airlines
Delta Air Lines

Now it is time for the 747-8 to properly take over as we say goodbye to the 747-400 and the many memories it has brought us these many years

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That’s was before they replaced 744s with 332s

So amazing to see everyone’s stories about the 747!

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