Happy 25th Birthday, WestJet!


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WestJet airlines has officially turned 25 years old today! I have flown this airline three times and I have had nothing but positive experiences. It’s been so fun to watch them tiren from a LCC to a major transatlantic airline for Canada. They have released this interesting YouTube premiere and I’m excited to see it.
Westjet has had a long history over the last 25 years, so let’s take a look at a timeline of what they have gone through:

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  • First routes were Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver and Winnipeg, while the fleet numbered three Boeing 737-200s.

  • In July, 1999, the airline went public, offering 1.5 million shares at $10 per share starting price.

  • Thunder Bay, Grande Prairie, and Prince George joined the network later that year.

  • Between 2000 and 2009, WestJet’s local market share managed to rise from 7% to 36%, while Air Canada fell from 77% to 57% during the same period.

  • In 2005, WestJet added seven new destinations covering a total of 33 destinations (23 Canadian and 10 U.S).

  • Beginning in 2005, WestJet was named one of Canada´s Most Admired Corporate Culture and maintained it for several years.

  • In the following years, WestJet saw a steady growth, reporting its best quarterly profit to that date in late October, 2006 – C$52.8 million.

  • In 2006, WestJet launches affordable and flexible flight and vacation packages “WestJetVacations”.

  • In 2007, WestJet demonstrates its care for the community introducing WestJet Cares for Kids its community investment program.

  • That same year, WestJet launches the electronic boarding pass in North America, becoming the first airline in North America that offers that feature.

  • In 2008, Mediacorp Canada named WestJet one of Alberta´s Top Employers.

  • In 2009, WestJet and WestJet Vacations continue growing and announce 13 more destinations.

  • On a poll conducted by Léger Marketing, WestJet was found to be Canada´s preferred airline.

  • In 2010, WestJet ofers several launches its RBC MasterCard and WestJet Frequent Guest Program and the first code-share agreement with Cathay Pacific.

  • Also in 2010, WestJet received 2 awards at the World Airline Awards: 1st Place in the Airline Staff Service Excellence and 2nd Place in the Best Low Cost Airline.

  • In 2011, continues WestJet growth with 11 interline agreements and three code share partner increasing its network traffic.

  • In 2011, WestJet gets another award: J.D. Power 2011 Customer Service Champion award, being the only of the two Canadian companies to receive it.

  • In 2012, West Jet introduces the self-serve baggage tagging on non-stop transborder flights to allow guest to print their own baggage tags when they arrive at the airport.

  • According to Harris/Decima EquiTrend Study in 2012, WestJet and WestJet Vacations received the highest brand equity scores in three measures: familiarity; perceptions of quality and consideration.

  • In 2012, Aviation Week ranked WestJet among the top 10 international airlines. According to that ranking WestJet is the only Canadian airline and one of two North American Airlines to appear on the list that year.

  • In 2013, WestJet decides to purchase 65 MAX 7 and 40 MAX 8 aircraft from Boeing, which promise to offer increased fuel efficiency and enhanced in-cabin amenities, lower operating costs, and a remarkable in-flight guest experience. WestJet also announces this year a code-sharing on American Airlines flights providing 3 round-trip flights per day between Calgary and Dallas-Fort.

  • Since 2013, WestJet offers new possibilities to smaller communities offering low cost flights across western Canada with the launch of WestJet Encore and its new fleet of Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft.

  • In 2014, WestJet announced that it would acquire wide-body aircraft to operate long-haul international routes. In late June, WestJet announced that the wide-body aircraft fleet would consist of four Boeing 767-300ER that have been retired from Qantas, reconfigured and refurbished before WestJet would introduce them into service.

  • On October 22, 2015, WestJet introduced into service its first wide-body aircraft, a Boeing 767-300ER. The inaugural revenue flight of the Boeing 767-300ER aircraft was the from Toronto to Calgary with more than 200 passengers on board.

  • In Spring 2016, the fourth and final wide-body aircraft arrived to launch the first B767 transatlantic destination, WestJet’s new service to London Gatwick. Starting January 2017, WestJet will continue to serve the seasonal winter services Edmonton – Maui, Calgary – Maui, and Calgary – Honolulu with the 767-300ER aircraft.

  • In September 2017, WestJet received its first Boeing B737 MAX 8 aircraft, becoming the first Canadian airline to take delivery of this new, fuel-efficient type of aircraft.

  • In May 2018, WestJet took another step in its mission to become a truly global airline with the inauguration of the first route to mainland Europe, between Halifax Stanfield International Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

  • In June 2018, WestJet received its first Boeing B737 MAX 8 plane in their new livery, unveiled together with its new logo and cabin interior, including new Premium Economy cabin to replace the Plus seats and the WestJet’s first-ever Business Class cabin available on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

  • In January 2019, WestJet received the first of ten Boeing B787-9 Dreamliners, with a second aircraft due to be delivered in February. The new aircraft will serve three new intercontinental routes from Calgary to London Gatwick, Dublin, and Paris, yet another step in the transformation into a global network airline.

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Congratulations Dear WestJet!

It’s amazing to see them grow and expand all these years!

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Hopefully someday when someone is writing a book about aviation from the late 90s till today Neelman gets a whole chapter. Not much of the aviation market in the America’s and even internationally he hasn’t touched in some way. In terms of aviation entrepreneurs with as much impact as him I’m a little stumped. Richard Branson with the Virgin group is the only other guy I can think of on that level.


Congrats WestJet! Hope you’ll have a long and happy life!

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…And this is why I love WestJet.

A small airline, that’s grown and with every step of the wayhad a unique motive, bringing a fun passion and movement to the aviation industry.

I hope WestJet continues on with the pride it has, and keeping everyone happy and satisfied with their service. 25 years is only one of the first landmarks out of many to come. 😃


Ah it’s on the same day as my birthday!! I have to get into WestJet now… 😂



I promise I’ll get back to you at somepoint 🥺, I’ve been busy with other areas.


Happy 25th Westjet!!!


Happy Birthday 🥳


Thank you! ♥️ @TobinFR

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Is @Mafiaviation secretly WestJet’s social media manager? 😱

Congrats WestJet and your secret social media manager! 🥳

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Lol i get paid in huge amounts!! 🤐

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Congrats on 25 westjet! (Thought you were older than 25…)

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I’ve worked for WestJet in Yellowknife under a ground crew called Strategic Aviation Services
And it’s been the Best Experience to work with such dedicated people. Especially actually pushing back a B737-700 or deicing in -40•C and crawling in the belly and playing Tetris with luggage
NOW!! I’m dedicated to WestJet Virtual Group and have a Great Group of people to connect with and enjoy the Skies with this Great Canadian airline.
Happy Birthday 🎈 WestJet 🍁

Congratulations to WestJet!!🎉🎉🥳🥳

Happy Birthday to it!!

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