Happy 21st Birthday JetBlue

Credit: JetBlue Twitter

After 21 years of operation, today is jetBlue’s 21st birthday. Having their first sleeping launched on February 11, 2000. JetBlue has grown a lot along the way. From being loaned a couple slots at New York JFK Airport and launching flights to Fort Lauderdale to provide quick, easy, roomie, and luxurious travel from the Northeast to Florida. Now, jetBlue has grown to be much bigger than that with hubs now in Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Boston, Orlando, San Juan, and much more focused cities. Today, let’s take some time to reflect back on the past 21 years of jetBlue.

They were founded in 1998 by David Neeleman. He is Brazilian and after getting fired from jetBlue in 2007, went on to create the airline Azul from Brazil. In 2021, he is to launch breeze, and airline focused out of Salt Lake City.

Today the airline also took the opportunity to launch flights out of two new cities both in Florida. The long-awaited Miami launch starting today with the flights to Los Angeles, flights to New York Kennedy, Boston as well as Newark will begin soon. They also launched service to Key West, Florida. They serve that now from New York and Boston.

Below are some pictures showcasing the 21 years of jetBlue and their first ever flight.

The airline today has a much more modern taste. With larger touchscreen in-flight entertainment screens, free snacks, free Wi-Fi, as well as the most legroom in economy out of every US airline. JetBlue really has evolved to become something extremely special.

I am excited for the future of the airline and today is the day to wish them an extremely happy birthday and technically, they are now old enough to drink in the United States. So, cheers 🥂!

Credit: JetBlue


I told godfather happy birthday but he didn’t know why

visible confusion

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I am certain the future will be very much positive for them when they start operating their A220s.

Ah, jetblue. First time on them was when they were still new, probably around 2000. Only flights were JFK-FLL and JFK-BUF. Remember going out of JFK Terminal 6 all the time to fly down to FLL, it’s some of my earliest aviation memories. And of course, they’re based in New York City so I love them for that. Hopefully they’ll have many more successful years ahead and keep on expanding to new destinations!

Although I bet those 2 E190s in that conference call aren’t too happy that they’ll eventually be replaced by the A220s haha

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JetBlue has a lots of funny liveries and it makes us happy.

It’s terminal 5 lol

Now I also know the motivation of Neeleman for Breeze: He wants to kick jetBlue’s bu** for kicking him out xD

happy birthday jetblue!!!

Cmon, nobody got the joke? Cmon ppl

Ayy, happy birthday JetBlue! 🍻

Does that mean they can serve alcohol onboard slaps knee

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I said I “remember” going out of Terminal 6. Terminal 6 is what JetBlue used until 2008 then they moved to terminal 5

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