Happy 12th B'day!

Happy 12th Birthday Infinite Flight, here is a screenshot to celebrate the 12 years of legacy and intense dev work behind the scenes!

Anti-Mod Repellent:
Server: Solo
Aircraft: IF A350-900
Route: From legacy aircrafts to new aircrafts, from basic scenery to 3D Airports!


Yes, happy birthday to Infinite Flight!!

Where did you take that picture? It’s beautiful!


Thanks for the appreciation! Well I took this picture somewhere near the Ayers Rock in the land down under!

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Nice! I’ll have to check this area out some time!

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Surely do! Australia has some underrated scenery to offer!

I wonder how a user from 2016 would react to the IF of today. Beautiful snap!


Nostalgia yes! Thanks for the appreciation!

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Beautiful picture, crazy that this app has been around for over a decade now! I remember when Global came out, then the A350, and then clouds… it’s awesome to watch this game grow

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Yup all in 12 years time, and still more to come! Thanks for the appreciation!

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happy birthday im turning 12 too!

mods im not 12 pls dont ban me

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Haha, happy b’day in that case!

One like away from 30, would make me very happy!

Thanks for 32! No more blues!