Happy 10 years to Infinite Flight!

Good Afternoon!

So, if you weren’t aware, Infinite Flight is celebrating its 10th birthday this week! 🎉 Huge congrats to the team! It’s a very impressive milestone for sure, and it’s amazing to see how the sim has improved over the years as mobile technology also advanced. Here’s to 10 years, and many more to come 🥂!

Infinite Flight means a lot to me, as it is the first flight simulator I’ve ever played. It truly introduced me into the world of aviation. So I decided to take a little flight in the TBM, and draw the sky art of the numbers 10 and the infinite flight logo.

  • Flight: KIAD - KIAD
  • Aircraft Livery: TBM-930 Infinite Flight Dark
  • Flight Time: 3:58
Flight Path

3857N/7728W 3853N/7729W 3852N/7728W 3854N/7759W 3900N/7854W 3931N/7847W 3923N/7858W 3928N/7902W 3938N/7846W 3937N/7840W 3859N/7846W 3858N/7833W 3856N/7825W 3901N/7832W 3905N/7837W 3913N/7838W 3926N/7838W 3935N/7832W 3937N/7826W 3938N/7822W 3938N/7820W 3937N/7812W 3934N/7807W 3926N/7805W 3922N/7806W 3917N/7807W 3911N/7808W 3907N/7809W 3859N/7818W 3856N/7825W 3852N/7729W 3859N/7729W 3859N/7737W 3902N/7744W 3905N/7749W 3910N/7755W 3917N/7758W 3923N/7758W 3931N/7758W 3935N/7753W 3940N/7746W 3941N/7741W 3943N/7736W 3943N/7728W 3943N/7722W 3941N/7717W 3940N/7720W 3939N/7723W 3938N/7724W 3935N/7725W 3935N/7727W 3935N/7732W 3934N/7737W 3934N/7740W 3931N/7743W 3929N/7745W 3926N/7747W 3923N/7748W 3922N/7749W 3919N/7748W 3915N/7746W 3913N/7745W 3909N/7740W 3907N/7734W 3907N/7732W 3905N/7723W 3900N/7722W 3905N/7714W 3911N/7728W 3912N/7729W 3913N/7727W 3913N/7725W 3914N/7725W 3914N/7723W 3914N/7720W 3913N/7718W 3913N/7715W 3913N/7713W 3914N/7711W 3914N/7710W 3920N/7700W 3921N/7700W 3923N/7701W 3926N/7706W 3931N/7714W 3933N/7718W 3934N/7719W 3934N/7718W 3936N/7712W 3936N/7711W 3936N/7709W 3935N/7704W 3933N/7656W 3931N/7647W 3931N/7646W 3934N/7641W 3937N/7638W 3941N/7631W 3943N/7626W 3944N/7622W 3944N/7619W 3943N/7617W 3941N/7618W 3940N/7618W 3938N/7620W 3936N/7622W 3934N/7625W 3931N/7628W 3922N/7641W 3920N/7643W 3916N/7638W 3913N/7631W 3908N/7620W 3907N/7617W 3907N/7615W 3907N/7611W 3907N/7608W 3909N/7604W 3910N/7602W 3912N/7600W 3915N/7558W 3917N/7557W 3919N/7556W 3922N/7556W 3924N/7556W 3925N/7557W 3928N/7558W 3930N/7600W 3931N/7602W 3932N/7603W 3934N/7605W 3934N/7608W 3935N/7610W 3935N/7613W 3937N/7611W 3941N/7610W 3943N/7610W 3943N/7610W 3943N/7608W 3942N/7606W 3941N/7603W 3940N/7601W 3940N/7559W 3939N/7557W 3937N/7555W 3934N/7551W 3929N/7549W 3923N/7547W 3916N/7547W 3912N/7549W 3910N/7550W 3906N/7554W 3904N/7558W 3901N/7602W 3900N/7608W 3859N/7613W 3859N/7619W 3901N/7624W 3903N/7630W 3911N/7645W 3916N/7638W 3920N/7643W 3910N/7658W 3909N/7701W 3907N/7706W 3905N/7711W 3905N/7714W 3900N/7722W 3900N/7722W 3859N/7726W 3859N/7729W 3858N/7729W

Bumpy climb out of KIAD

Passing over the Appalachian Mountains

Passing KIAD again

Turning on this intricate flight plan

Flying over Baltimore!

Base-to-final at a windy KIAD!

Finally, the completed flight path!


Nice! Pretty darn good drawing of the logo, lol!

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Can I steal, uh I mean borrow this??


Thank you!

Yes thats why it’s there lol

I might try this sometime. Anyway great photos.

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