Happy 10,000 members and Thank you Devs

The devs have been thanking the community for the achievement… but I think we should thank the devs. First of all thank you for making a friendly eviroment for the community. There usually is no negative comments on here, and if there is it’ll be taken down. All we do is learn on here, not only about the game but up real world aviation. This could spark an interest and maybe start a career of aviation. Thank you for keeping the passion of aviation alive. Thank you for doing such an amazing job of doing your best on the simulator, always making it better. Over all thank you devs for being with us from the start to the end, thank you for being so involved with the community. Now fellow pilots of IF comment your thank yous for the devs.

Happy flights,
Eli Mumm


Took the words right out of my mouth :)


Thanks :) happy flights

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