(Happening) Toncontin Landing Challenge! @KMIA 241300ZAPR20

Oh whoops wrong time 🤦‍♂️

Please spawn in 50 minutes!


Oh cool!

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Can I get a gate? Sorry if I’m late

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You got the last one! See you there! Callsign please?

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BAVA395 :) (10 chars)

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I would join, but I am 13 and have school at 9:00 A.M. Such a bummer. :(


Well all spaces are full I’m pretty sure. You didn’t miss much

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Just wondering, does anyone need any guidance with the approach chart? You must follow all altitudes and waypoints to get the best approach and landing.

Also the turn is harder then Paro, so be prepared!

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Are you creating a fpl, or our we creating our own?

I have one prepared, you can copy mine when you spawn.

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Personally, I’m ok, but I have a different question- what runway are we landing at? Gonna get some practice in ;3

Runway 02! That’s the challenge.

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Thanks man :)

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Oof. Might barely make it. Schoolwork for me is set last minute and I have alot…

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I wasn’t there for Paro, but didn’t most people nail that approach?

Shall we start spawning at Miami now?

I am sorry but, I can’t attend the event due to unknown reasons

I think that we can spawn now

already there

Oh wait was there an FPL posted?!