(Happening) Toncontin Landing Challenge! @KMIA 241300ZAPR20

Toncontin Landing Challenge! || 24APR1300Z

Welcome to the second edition of BravoCharlie’s landing challenges! This time round, we take a tour around South America, Honduras. Toncontin, marked the world’s most dangerous airport is situated in the city of Tegucigalpa in Honduras. Much like Paro, it features a challenging left-hand bank towards the runway. In 2008, Toncontin was closed after a TACA Airbus A320 crashed and overran the runway, killing 3 people.

Toncontin currently serves 10 airlines, of which the major are American Airlines and Delta. Delta operates to its hub, Atlanta, while American flies from Miami and Dallas. American Airlines used to operate the Boeing 757 in the classic Chrome livery, so I wanted to dedicate the largest commercial aircraft at Toncontin by making the Landing Challenge with the 757.

How It’s going to work

We will be taking off from Miami at 1320Z, so please spawn 20 minutes before departure. We will do a 2-hour flight to Toncontin, where we will be doing the complicated and dangerous approach. Only the most skillful and bravest pilots will manage to land. The turn, (Shown in the banner) features a sharp bank towards the runway, moments before touchdown. When you spawn at Miami, please copy my flight plan, and for the approach please follow the approach chart.

The rules and flight information

Server: Expert Server

Aircraft: American Airlines (old) Boeing 757

Spawn time at KMIA 2020-04-24T13:00:00Z
Takeoff time at KMIA 2020-04-24T13:20:00Z

Approx. Flight time: 2 hours
Speed and Altitude: M.080 @ FL340

Route: KMIA (Miami) ✈︎ MHTG (Toncontin)

Approach chart:

*A post explaining the chart will be made a few hours before the event

NOTAM: Since this event is being held on the EXPERT server, it is expected that you act professionally at ALL times throughout the event. Please be mindful of others and maintain a separation of at least 5nm. I am not responsible for any violations you may gain. Any trolls will be reported to a moderator and may eventually lead to you being kicked from the expert server.


KMIA gates
Gate Attendant Callsign
Gate G04 @BravoCharlie JAT001
Gate G06 @RileyBozina American 207
Gate G08 @AviatorAlex LZB001
Gate G9 @AviatorNikola AAVA301
Gate G10 @Tsumia American 350
Gate G11 @egeefesa350 American 316 Heavy
Gate G12 @Omar_Alqinneh OM-AR
Gate G15 @thunderhead JLSFM356
Gate G16 @delta23 American 209
Gate G19 @matt_B N46MB
Gate H03 @Delta07 American 17.
Gate H05 @Cpt.TC BAVA395
Gate H07 @bluekinggaming American 1531
Gate H09 @MissRosa American 11
Gate H11 @Karin_Wong American0528
Gate H15 @146flyer American 172
Gate H17 @komar1712

So , are you up for the challenge? Let me know what gate you’re wanting along with your callsign and I’ll sign you up!

See you there folks!


I’d love to sign up, and I’ll take this gate will callsign with American 207, thanks! ;)

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Absolutely! Be extra careful to not get a violation this time before the event 😉

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I’ll be extra careful, just for this event ;)

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Hi Can you sign me up for gate G08 please? Callsgin LZB001

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Next time you should give more than 2/3 days notice so more can join. I’m unable to come due to it being at 11:30pm at night but good luck.

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I will take G9 as AAVA301

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All my landing challenges are short notice. My Paro one was 3 days because these are more like group flights then actual events.

Oh no! I might not be able to come!

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Oh man, that’s alright. Real shame though as this is my final event I’m making with my subscription!

I’ll take whatever gate as American 350. 50% chance I could destroy the 757 but you can always go around.

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If it was on the weekend I can come though! Because I have a bunch of schoolwork!

I would’ve originally put it on the 25th however my Balkan event takes place at the exact time. Sorry man 😕

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HI,i would love to join. any gate.
Thanks :)

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Awesome, callsign please?

callsign: QRV358

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You got it! See you there.

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Awesome! I’d like to get a gate please :D
As always, call sign will be OM-AR

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I’d love to participate :) pls sign me up

Callsign: JLSFM356

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Gate 16 plz callsign American 209

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