HAPPENING NOW! Spectators, Spawn in! | Farewell 2019 IFCAS season | @KLSV 161500ZNOV19


Event description

About Us

Infinite Flight Council of Airshows

Infinite Flight Council of Airshows is a virtual organization which was created to introduce aerobatics and realistic airshows to the community of Infinite Flight. This is the last event that we will host on Infinite Flight for the 2019 Season. The organization will host events after February 2020.

The organization will host our final show at Nellis AFB in Nevada to simulate the International Council of Airshows’ annual convention. The show will feature every single performance within our organization, from GA to transports. Our show will feature the community’s finest display pilots as they perform their final demonstrations this year!! Several of our pilots are ending their 2 year careers during the show, it will be an emotional yet epic show! This is a show you definitely wont wanna miss!

We welcome community members to join and perform alongside us as well.

Event Details

Server: Casual Server

Airport: Nellis AFB, Nevada (KSLV)

Time: 2019-11-16T15:00:00Z2019-11-16T21:00:00Z

Event Organizers: @DeltaMD88Fan @Nate_Schneller @Rocco_Palen @Skyler.Cooper @Ben_W

NOTAMS: Please do not take off, unless given permission by the Event Organizers. Please also do not exit your spectator gate, as this will cause interruptions during the event, which may lead to the cancellation of the Airshow.

Live Commentary And Music
Our airshow will also include LIVE commentary on aircraft and LIVE music on the day of the event. To include this, please join this discord server, and proceed for more information regarding the event near the time.

Discord Server
This will be used for announcements, music and other exciting things before the event!


Event starts and ends from 1500-2100Z

U.S. National Anthem & Canadian National Anthems will be played at 1445Z

Slot Performance Aircraft User
1 Boeing 787-9 Display 787-9 @morgan99
2 Mighty Hercules Display C-130J-30 @Skyler.Cooper
3 Belgian F-16 Dark Falcon F-16 Falcon @Ben_W
4 Royal Canadian Air Force RedHawks CA319 @DeltaMD88Fan
5 Royal Canadian “Maple Herc” Display CC-130J-30 @morgan99
6 USAF Heritage Flight A10 / F-22 / F-16 / Spitfire IFCAS Virtual
7 A-10 Warthog Demonstration Team A-10 Warthog @Rocco_Palen
8 F-22 Demonstration Team F-22 Raptor @Nate_Schneller
9 TBM-930 Display TBM930 @Altaria55
10 Aerobatics Display SR-22 @DanVenezuela
11 BBMF Spitfire Display Spitfire @Skyler.Cooper
12 Cessna Citation X Display C750 @Jonathan_Tweedy
13 F-16 Viper Demonstration team F-16 Viper @deltamd88fan
14 Boeing 787 Display 787 @Skyler.Cooper
15 Swiss Air Force FA/18 Hornet F-18 Hornet @Ben_W
16 Royal Canadian CF-18 Demo team CF-18 Hornet @Rocco_Palen
17 747 display 747 @ThePlaneFlyer
18 WWII Memorial Flight P38 @rockpapernuke
19 Display 737 @Abudy
20 FA/18 Super Hornet TACDEMO F18 @DeltaMD88Fan
21 French Air Force TBM930 TBM930 @Rocco_Palen
22 F-14 Tomcat TACDEMO F-14 @Nate_Schneller
23 Michael Goulian Extreme Aerobatics SR-22 @deltamd88fan
24 F-16C Aerobatics F-16 @RT6907
25 C17 Globemaster III Demo C-17 @Skyler.Cooper
26 US NAVY BlueAngels FA/18 @DeltaMD88Fan @Nate_Schneller @Rocco_Palen @just_another_patriot @Jonathan_Tweedy @Zach007

@Zach007 | KC-10 Extender
@anon36731834 | F-14 Tomcat
@ran | A321 Display

Spectator Gates

Spectators spawn here:
ROW 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 33, 34
Performers spawn here:
ROW 36, 40, 41, 42

Please dedicate time to check out the last realistic airshow of the year, we’ve got amazing entertainment lined up for you!


Lieutenant Ben

It’s been a pleasure being with IFCAS as the Commander of two elegant, and precise displays which I will for the last time be performing at this air show.

F-16 Belgian ‘Dark Falcon’ Demo

F/A-18 Swiss Hornet Demo

We wish to see you at this event, for a final goodbye and farewell to IFCAS, I hope to see lots of people there to witness our depature!



First of all, gutted to hear this is the last event. I feel truly truly honoured to have been a part of your various shows over time.

Can I take slot 1 with the A330 demo and slot 5 with the Canadian CC130J-30 display?

The only reason I am asking for two displays is these are the two displays I have performed at your shows in the past and would like to perform them one more time for you as a thank you for letting me be a part of your events.


It has been a very fun year of traveling across the country and displaying our performances. Come check them out one last time!


It’s been an honor flying with you guys. Flying the Raptor Demo is not easy, but it’s worth every second on the stick. Even though I’ll be following these guys into the PC world, I won’t be leaving Infinite Flight anytime soon. If anyone else is hosting airshows, feel free to ask me, and I’ll probably book a visit. Thanks for the good times, IFCAS!


It’s been a pleasure to have been COO here at IFCAS for a while. Being there since the start I seen the VO grow and develop. The people have been amazing and I unfortunately won’t be following the rest of the guys into the PC world due to RL constraints. Flying some really special Displays as part of IFCAS has been a joy to do and also lead the Heritage flight team.
I will be staying here on IF for a long time to come and so along with Nate, give me a buzz for any Airshows people will hold.

A big thank you to @DeltaMD88Fan for being an amazing leader and believing in everyone without fail putting his heart and soul into the VO.

I dedicate this show to all the good times and bad, good laughs and funny bloopers in training.
It will be a pleasure to fly with you all one final time as part of this amazing team of people.


I understand that I haven’t even been apart of this virtual organization, experience the true beauty of its purpose nor understand the feeling of its depature. However, I’m particularly interested within your future plans. What type of PC simulators are you going to go to after your final year in the Infinite Flight Community, why are you going to leave the Infinite Flight Community for PC Simulators, do you plan on having a successor to take over your place (this is as much questions I can think off, will edit this overtime as necessary)?


We will try and keep this thread for the airshow. any Questions just do a PM with @DeltaMD88Fanand or myself


Oh alright.

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Come Check Us Out For One Last Farewell!

Picture taken from VRIAT (Virtual Royal International Air Tattoo) hosted by @Ben_W BA747 Escort



Hi Delta,

I have been practising and I am asking if I can switch my A330 display to a 787-9 display as I feel this would be better accepted by an American Crowd and I’ve worked up a demo routine just for this show! (Check the Practice video out!)


Can I be a performer?

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@DeltaMD88Fan hey I think you got my name wrong there not zach101 thats my insta and I also believe that I was removed from the IFCAS discord

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Yes I will add you to it. Please join the event discord

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Yes I can add you, please list the display name and aircraft

Not being apart of this great Virtual Organization, I cannot fully grasp everything that goes on, or the feeling of it leaving IF. I think I’ll attend to spectate this amazing Airshow, I’ll check my schedule.


Still looking for new performances!

Let’s get the community involved for one final event :)

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What are some good displays I could do

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I though you guys where still going to be around it’s just your pilots are going to retire as of they hit 2 years. But I’m definitely coming