[HAPPENING NOW] Ryanair Virtual Opening Flight @EGSS - 091330ZNOV19

Ryanair Virtual’s Opening Ceremony Flight

London Stansted (EGSS) - Chania (LGSA)

Expert Server


A warm welcome to our opening event. Our VA thrives to work with the IFC and engage our experience and sense of encouragement towards us. Ryanair Virtual is unique due to the simple fact that it is a low cost airline that operates to over 100 destinations.

A lot of planning, effort, and setting up of this VA and this event which is to ensure a smooth, and enjoyable departure. We appreciate all your support you have shown us so far, and want to thank you. Please follow all details given, and any other instructions given, which gives the event more efficiency, and become a lot more fun!

Ryanair Virtual Pilots will have priority gates already reserved, meaning there will be limited gates available for IFC members. This means it is first come first basis.

Below you will find all the gate assignments, aircraft type and pilots who are participating in this event. If you would like to participate and not part of Ryanair Virtual then please reply to this thread requesting a gate.

Gate Assignments

More Gates will be added if the demands are high

Gate Assignments
Name Gate Aircraft
@Jack_White B25 Boeing 737-700
@Ben_W B24 Boeing 737-800
@Charlieab29 A14 Boeing 737-800
@muza1200 A13 Boeing 737-800
@CaptainDixon A12 Boeing 737-800
@Jamie_pharoah A11 Boeing 737-800
@iJazzyman A10 Boeing 737-800
@Declan_Mcgee B23 Boeing 737-800
@Manav_Suri B22 Boeing 737-800
Reserved B21 Boeing 737-800
Reserved B20 Boeing 737-800
@Thunderbolt B30 Boeing 737-800
@MishaCamp B31 Boeing 737-800
@Ecoops123 B32 Boeing 737-800
@MatthewSwift B33 Boeing 737-800
@King_Tom1278 B34 Boeing 737-800
@Cpt_Scott B35 Boeing 737-800


  • Pilots must stick to their assigned gate at all times, if your get has for example B34L or B34R, go to whichever, or B34.

  • This event is taking place in expert server so rules still apply with ATC Unicom instructions.

  • Please be aware that flight details fro example cruise speed/level and FLP will be issued on the day via this thread, so look out for that.

  • Please inform us if your unable to attend as this will ensure that our gates free up for someone else who is reserved.

  • If you are a member of Ryanair Virtual, rules still apply, you must show our outstanding professionalism. This event as a 2X multiplier which should be added when submitting your Pi Rep.

Any Questions, Concerns or Queries please contact our Events Team or @Ben_W

Ryanair Virtual 2019


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Congrats Ryanair VA on opening


How long is the flight?

Roughly 3-4 hours flight time

Yikes, not sure if I can make it. I will sign up if I can.

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I applyied

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Congrats guys hopefully Dublin will have more of a crowd with the EIVA crew and yerselves 😀👍


Let’s gooo! Happy to be a pilot for this wonderful va! :)


Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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Do you think i could have a gate, but go to Dublin instead?

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The flight is to Chania, however I can reserve you a gate if you wish?

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Can I just have a gate reserved but go to Dublin myself instead?

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Alright, the more the merrier.

B30 is all yours!

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Count me as in!


@MishaCamp B31 is all yours! It’ll be great to see you in the skies!


Wouldn’t blame you as you’re very close here…

Actually count me in as well! One of my local-ish airports too!

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Every airport in London is you’re local airport or near me airport.

Won’t be taking a spot as it’s being held at midnight for me.


It’s about a 3-4 hour drive away. That’s a heck of a drive for us brits, but a breeze for you Australians. We don’t hop around like you do…

Ok no more attempts at native jokes.

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Alright @Ecoops123! B32 is all yours!