[Happening Now!] Island Escape - Flyout @TJSJ 201900ZAPR19 [Sponored by Plane & Pilot] [12 attendees - 14 gates left - 6 International]


Thank you!


JBU E190 to PUJ any gate please


Actually the B and C gates can accommodate upto B777 and A340s. United flies a 777 from EWR sometimes. and Iberia flies an A340 from Spain :)


Gate A5 a321-200 frontier 316 KPVD


Can they? Really dont know much about this airport


You are in, see you there


hey, i wanna sign up for your event
Swiss MD-11 Gate B05, Destination: LSZH


Of course, see you there


ok, thanks, btw the md-11 can make it to LSZH with full fuel tanks


Haha its alright. Im a local Boricua dont worry. And yea they really do its very cool and interesting!


Still gates left!


Hey what time will it be in India? because I too want to join…


If you press here it should show yor local time


Hey @Jens_Severin, I cannot control Radar due personal time this Saturday, but have fun.


Two days left!


I will be controlling tower and ground tomorrow!


Still many gates left


Hi guys can I join you guys


Of course, where do you want to fly? @Mohammad_Zarooni


Event TODAY :)