[Happening Now!] Island Escape - Flyout @TJSJ 201900ZAPR19 [Sponored by Plane & Pilot] [12 attendees - 14 gates left - 6 International]


Hello community, now I’m back with a new event! This time sponsored by Plane & Pilot

This time we are a flying out from San Juan Luis Munoz Marin Airport!

TJSJ has a large variety in both short, medium and long range flights, flown to by Jet Blue, American, Frontier, Delta, United, Spirit, Copa, Iberia and some other Airlines

Server: Training

Airport: TJSJ

Time: 2019-04-20T19:00:00Z

NOTAM: Spawn 20 prior departure, please use ATC correct, only one runway will be in use

International Gates

A Gates, can accommodate aircraft as big as a 767
Gate A1 @PlaneCrazy Delta 737-900 to KATL
Gate A2 @Jens_Severin jetBlue A321-200 to TIST
Gate A3 @DylanIE American B767-300 to KMIA
Gate A4 @ESCORT01 jetBlue A321-200 to TIST
Gate A5 @joshua_morrissette Frontier A321-200 to KPVD
Gate A6 @FlyingBird Allegiant A320-200 to KCVG
Gate A7 @ewong05 JetBlue E190 to PUJ

** B Gates can accommodate aircraft as big as a 767**
Gate B02 @theelevatorkey Copa 737-800 to MUHA
Gate B03 @Kevinsoto1502 Southwest 737-700 to MCO
Gate B04 @Plane_geek_101 United 737-900 to KCLT
Gate B05 @TheSwissPilot Swiss MD-11 to LSZH
Gate B06 @Frankfurt05 Delta 737-900 to KATL
Gate B07
Gate B08
Gate B09
Gate B10
Gate B11

Island hopping gates

Gates for the small aircraft will be the C Gates
Gate C02 @GiulioRomano C208
Gate C03
Gate C04
Gate C05
Gate C06
Gate C07
Gate C08
Gate C09
Gate C10

Pushback orders
  • Pushback is decided by airline
  • The first airline pushed back at 2019-04-20T19:05:00Z
  • Once one airline is finished, then another airline may push back, please do not block anyone from another airline
  • No takeoffs before everyone is holding short, if there are many at the event you will be sent out in batches, if so you will start departing when everyone of your airline holds short
  • have fun!

I am not responsible for any violations during this event

Cargo gates will be added if demand

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Sponsored by Plane & Pilot Events

More Info

This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @Peter_S.


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Add me to Gate A1 please, Delta 737-900 to KATL.


You are in


I don’t know if this is international or island hop, but put me on any gate to Havana Cuba, ( MUHA - José Martí International Airport) Copa 737 please.


Cops only flies to Panama…


Gate A3 to Miami in an AA 763 thanks!


you are in, ill put you in the B gates


ill write you up


Hi Jens,

Do you want ATC to provide with Radar to make sure that every one is safe departed and for Island Hopping. Also, I have full access to Radar for P&P as Senior Rank.

Thank, Gabe.


What do you really mean with radar?


He means taking Approach/Departure


SWA 737-700 to MCO please B3 😁


Yes, I would like departure:)


See you there!


Add me, island hopping


I would be controlling Both App/Dep. Thanks.


Is it possible for me to be Tower/Ground? I am an ATC with Plane and Pilot


Hey there, @ESCORT01 is controlling G/T and I’m controlling Radar.


Oh ok then. In that case, may I have a spot @Jens_Severin?
TBM-930 to TNCM


Of course, you are in