(Happening Now!!)(14 attending!) Grand Rapids Fly-Out @ KGRR - 111600ZMAY19

Hello, everyone, this is my second event and I have chosen to fly out of Gerald R.Ford international airport in Grand Rapids Michigan.
Officially partnered with @Joseph007



Redirect Notice

Server: Expert

Airport: KGRR

Time: 2019-05-11T16:00:00Z1600Z
I can make changes to routes if you can prove they operate in real life.

A gates

A1:KDEN Frontier A320- @Nathan_Buzali_Attie
A2:KLGA Delta E170-
A3: KDFW American A320- @Alex_Kyte
A4:KLGA Delta CRJ900- @FuZion_Sami
A5: KATL Delta CRJ700- @JacksonAviation
A6:KDTW Delta CRJ700-
A7A:KDTW Delta 737-800- @Matthew_20204
A7B:KMSP Delta 737-900-

B Gates

B1:KORD United A320- @A350iscool
B2:KBWI Southwest 737-700- @JeromeJ
B3:KDEN United CRJ700- @DEN_Airport
B4: KDEN Southwest 737-700- @GlobalFlyer1
B5:KDEN Southwest 737-700- @Luke_Sta
B6:KMDW B6 Southwest 737-700- @Joseph007

Cargo gates

Cargo Gate 1:KMEM Fedex DC-10
Cargo Gate 2:KMEM Fedex DC-10
Cargo Gate 3: KIND Fedex DC-10 @ztoastednoodle Fedex 1443


Ramp A C172 KOEB @Jbarbs Callsign: D-12
Ramp B TBM-930 KRIC @Niccckk MR-NICK
Ramp C TBM-930 KDEN @HypedFlyer19 HY-P3D
Ramp D Citation X KDEN @TheFlyingGuy1 37389T
Ramp E
Ramp F
Ramp G
Ramp H
Ramp I

Not sure if you can come or not an open gate
Simply request standby


Standby @Gavin_cx any southwest gate
Standby @TaipeiGuru KDTW unsure if coming

It’s a small airport that I fly in and out of every summer and I think it’s a wonderful airport.


airport diagram

NOTAM: Use Unicom appropriately. A PM will be sent out prior to the event
Takeoff will most likely be on Runway 26L


Yes a GRR fly-out!!! I’ll take a Southwest gate to BWI (gate B6)

Also you have the wrong airport diagram…

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yeah I knew something was off
I will put you down for B6

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Did I put the airlines and aircrafts in the right gates?

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Yea everything looks good in the A terminal except American Eagle operates out of terminal B. But for the B terminal it can’t be perfect since 2 of the gates on the north side are missing. So if you want to keep it realistic in the sim, gates B5 and B6 should be the only Southwest gates. Other than that it looks perfect!

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Any Southwest gate to Denver Please!

That one American Eagle flight said that it parked at gate a4 on Flightaware but it could be wrong. What airline uses gate b4
@Luke_Sta your signed up!


In the the sim: American Eagle. IRL: Southwest

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What about the American eagle gate that I have in A4

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Shoot ignore what I just said up there, though you meant B4.

A4 in the sim is used by Delta

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Ok thanks for B4 I put southwest since they use it in irl

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Can’t be perfect but it’s all good! Really stoked for this event!

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wow nice play

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I’ll take gate B4 instead to Denver though! See you there!

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Alrighty I put you down!

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I will NOTallow any more flights to Denver once that one gate is taken.
I’m doing this for realism purposes

I’ll take GA ramp A. C172 to KOEB. Callsign D-12

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I’ll have B2 to BWI

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I’ll take gate A7A

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Can I take gate b1?

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