Hani_Freij’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ YPAD

Mate, that was shocking behaviour 😂

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Wish you that report button soon for those pilots! See ya on expert! 🍀

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Cheers man, appreciate it! 😂

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Nice job! I was N76VT in a TBM. Sorry for my sloppy flying the first two loops, I was having trouble finding the runway.

  • Good go around call.
  • All commands were correct, handling inbound, pattern entry, sequencing, clearance, and runway change correctly.

Thanks for the session. Enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah that Kuwaiti guy had a mind of his own, so I sent you around and let him do his own thing.

Thank you for coming!

EGCC closed, thanks to everyone who came!

EGAA open T&G - Training server!

Hey, I was 6O-SMA - sorry I had to keep it short but here’s some feedback:

Everything was very nice and I basically had no problem with the service, the only thing I can note here is that I was inbound for landing and not touch n go, so you could’ve just cleared me to land instead of the option.

Thanks for the service @Hani_Freij !!

My apologies, I only realised after you landed that you had requested landing. I just assumed that you would be inbound for touch and go. I won’t make that mistake again.

Thank you for coming @BT_HANDLES !

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EGAA now closed thank you.

Open at KSMF T&G - Training server

Now closed

oh hell yes! KSMF! Mention me next time your at SMF! First time i’ve seen SMF mentioned here besides myself mentioning it lmao.

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I’ll open now if you like? I’m bored and my sleep schedule is a bit on the messed up side. 😅

In a flight right now… Why dont you wack your schedule up even more and wait 2 hours? lol

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That’s fine with me 💀

Open @ EDDK - T&G Training server

Coming my callsign will be PZ-REZ

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I’m trying to make it a habit of keeping the flow of the pattern aircraft in the same directional flow. I was marked down in my practical because plane on the intersection runway and almost collided with each other mid-air. In this instance, left traffic will be instructed for all aircraft, regardless of the runway. 👍🏼

Good day! I will get your feedback very shortly.

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