Hani_Freij ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @EDDF

Welcome to Hani_Freij’s ATC Tracking Thread

What I would like.

  • Every one to challenge me for I will retake my ATC written test soon.

  • Please always try to be active.

  • Please no swearing, bullying, and just be friendly to one another.

  • Ask me anything you need or want to ask me.

  • Requesting airports for me to control at is permitted.

  • Finally, giving me feedback is not compulsory. It’s optional here on my ATC Tracking Thread.

-Hani Freij / UAE1

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I’ll pop in and say “Hi” - Callsign N188TK

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Thank you very much bud!!

Thank you very much Swiss188 ;D

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Pleasure, would you like feedback on PM?

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Yes please ;) If you don’t mind.

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@KATL now feel free to join!

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On my way as PH-ADZ. see you there.

Here is some feedback:
I was inbound from KFTY and received a good pattern entry instruction.
Timely clearance: good!
New pattern entry after runway change request: good! Good choice to go via left downwind (and cross outbound flight paths) as you had an aircraft on final and that could have clashed.
Remember: no need for new pattern entry for aircrafts already in the pattern; all you need to do with an aircraft already in the pattern, is clear it (for the option). Pattern entry instructions are only for new inbounds and runway changes.
Good sequencing.
With N420DL on final for 28 and me (and Navy) on left downwind for 27L, I had to cross his flight path. Extend downwind would have been a good instruction here. Instead you instructed me to turn base, which brought me to close to N420DL.
When an aircraft doing patterns reports his position ‘full stop’ (after clearance) he is not sending an unnecessary report. He is sending you info, that he will land, which can useful for you to know. No new clearance is needed.
Good ground control and use of runway crossing and give way instructions.

Keep up the controlling; doing great! 😊

Tip: pick a smaller aircraft next time, one witj two parallel runways. This allows you to practice your runway exit and cross instructions. EDDL, KSCK, KADW, KSSC are good examples.


See you there bud! Thanks for coming!

Thank you very much for the feedback sir. I’m sorry about the uneccesary reports thing, I always get it from ATC on the expert server. Oh well, once again thank you very much sir!

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KATL now closed every one, G’day

-Thank you to every one who came. <3

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Welcome! 😊

Sometimes aircrafts, that have requested inbound for landing, and have been cleared, like to report their position ‘is on final, runway xx (full stop)’. Here the pilot is not giving new information; he was already cleared to land. The report is unnecessary.

An aircraft in the pattern, however, gets cleared for the option. He can land, do a low pass, or do a touch and go. If a pilot reports his position ‘is on final, runway xx, full stop’, he is giving you new info: he’s not going to do a touch and go again, but land and exit. Here, the instruction is relevant.

See the difference here?


Yes sir, I understand now. Thank you so much for every thing honestly. I appreciate it <3


I am now currently online again at CYVR, come along and join me for a few touch and goes


Im now at CYVR everyone

CLOSED for the night, see you all tomorrow

Darn it just missed it. Oh well tomorrow I guess

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Don’t worry I’ll be on soon! 😉

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NOW OPEN AT EDDF!! Come along.

CLOSED now good bye everyone.