Hangs after some hours of flying online on Android P

Hey there.

tl;dr: It’s probably my fault for running a beta version of Android, but anyway infinite flight hangs when flying multiplayer on my Pixel 2 XL after about two-thirds of filed flight-plan (example: JFK-LHR hangs when 2 hours remaining on an A321).

Name: Google Pixel 2 XL
Storage: 64 GB (72% used)
OS: Android P Beta 2 (Developer Preview 3) <- this is probably the culprit
Version: 9.0
VPN: Disconnected during entire flight.

Infinite Flight settings:

  • Server: Casual
  • Graphics (all): Medium
  • Anti-aliasing: On
  • Limit Frame Rate: Checked
  • Live Airplane Count: Low
  • Hide Airplanes Names: Checked
  • Hide Airplane Dots: Checked
  • Enable Automatic Low Power: Checked
  • [Android Settings] Battery enhancements: Not optimized/Not saving battery.

Internet speed: Slow (4 Mbps, 400 KB/s). Can’t do anything about it as my country has the “slowest internet in the world”, and this is the fastest plan available.

Situation: Infinite Flight hangs when the flight is about two-thirds to completion. Crashed flights: MAD-DFW on American B789 (near NYC53 airport), PEK-HKG on Cathay Pacific A333 (about two-thirds completed), JFK-LHR on JetBlue A321 (don’t ask why this aircraft/airline, about 2 hours remaining), and CCS-IAH on United B739 (happened once only 30 minutes after takeoff, but managed to re-do the flight and arrived successfully). This probably has to do with Android P, but just wanted to see if there might be another culprit.

The funny thing, which makes me blame Android P is that the phone is relatively cool before crashing (i.e. no overheating) and it does not exhibit signs of lag. Also, all components of Infinite Flight (Global, User, Live, Weather, Etc.) at some point disconnect and reconnect, so maybe it is a network issue (see “slowest internet in the world” above). Off topic, but potentially related: when uploading a YouTube video on Android P, the upload went haywire after uploading 2/3 GB, suddenly jumping back to 400MB, and then to 700MB, the slowly coming back to 2GB, and then the cycle repeat itself, something that didn’t happen when uploading on my laptop.

Anyways, if this is Android P-related (or network-related), there is nothing I (or you) can do. However, if I can give more info (or the current info suffices) to track down the problem, then I will appreciate your replies.

Thank you.


Currently beta versions are not supported. I have an XL 2 as well with no issues. Chances are what you are seeing is due to the beta OS since many times beta versions have additional code monitoring and tracking.

Ok, no problem. As I suspected. Should’ve known better than expecting things to work perfectly with a beta OS. Thanks Chris_S.

Is there any reason you converted this to a personal message? Just askin’

The devs will validate everything once the public release is out. They had to so the same with iOS updates.