Hanging issue

Hi, I have been flying global for almost over a month now and during my recent flights, the game would hang and it makes my phone go haywire. I use an iPhone 6 Plus. I have tried clearing my RAM, deleting and reinstalling the app, and restarting my phone. When the game hangs during mid - flight, it would stay at that spot throughout the flight causing my fuel to burn non - stop but the ETA to my destination does not change. Anyone have any suggestions on what i should do?


Try to do a Factory Reset on Your device?


nice joke mate but dont think this is the solution to it yet at the moment @ouzi


Oopss… Really? Im sorry,
i think the other can help your Problem :)


Try lowering your graphic settings and try again.


It was happened to me before! Just update your device to the newest IOS and/or restart your iPhone.


Are you in iOS beta?

no sir im not running ios beta. But i will definitely try lowering down the graphics settings. Thanks for you time guys

Did you turn limit to 30 fps on? It can help

Lower all your graphic settings in IF, while your phone is relatively new, in tech years it’s slowly getting outdated.

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No… how do I do that by the way?

Try graphics settings.

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