Hanging at new user generation

Attempting to create an account via Facebook and google. Both appear to keep hanging at the login screen. I have waited upward of an hour and still no joy. Is this a recognised issue or is there a work around?

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Infinite-flight.com is retired, you have to buy a pro subscription from the app itself

Try creating an account in the app first. It could also be that the Facebook authentication isn’t working again.

It’s Common Knowledge.

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As @Boeing747-8 said, it’s been disabled due to technical difficulties.

You should be good purchasing through the app.

@KiloAlpha the InfiniteFlight main website is not used anymore. You will have to buy a subscription from the Infinite Flight app. Maybe one day it may be back

Probably a daft question but how do I do that? I’ve had a lol and see no option for it in game

Go to fly online, and sign in, it should give you purchase options there on the app

Open infinite Flight, click Fly Online, it will ask for subscription, you need to log in, then buy the subscription.

I can’t acrually log in, it says create an account on infinite-flight.com which I’ve tried :/

You’re logging in with your Goggle account, with the right details? Cause it then should make an account then allow you to buy a subscription.

That’s what I thought but all I get is a re-direct to the defunct website

Have you tried tapping this? 6CEF233D-8E64-4334-829F-B71BB2D6FBA5

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Lol yes, I did but again it continued to hang! Since then I tried logging back in with my google acc and it gave me the sub screen so all is good. Cheers folks

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