Hangar7 visit

Hey there so recently I went to “Hangar7” it is in Salzburg at the airport. There were a lot of nice planes maybe you can guess wich planes they are. Also spotted a Eurowings A319 wich was the only plane of the day as you can see at one of the pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to give me tipps


Wow! Did you take those? looks rad :)

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Yes I tooked them my first try, nice to hear that you like it!😄

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Airplanes, and F1 cars, I approve! Must’ve been awesome!


Thats right! Maybe you can even name rhe modell?

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thats right maybe you can also name the modell? ;)

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All I know is F1 car. 😂
As for the planes, I see a B-25, Piper Cub, P-38, Extra 300 (I think), and more!


ooo! Nice F1 cars! Reminds me of KIND!

Pretty good! There was also a Xcub in the background!

Yeah there Was also the original car of the first win from Bastian Vettel

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Looks like the 2007 Toro Rosso is in one of those pics. As well as the 2015/2016 Red Bull. But wow, those planes look so cool.

Right! They really look amazing!!

Oooh nice! I visited Hangar-7 a few years ago and it was amazing to see all those great cars and planes in one big hangar. If you ever get to go back, the food at Hangar-7 or Carpe Diem is pretty good.

The hangar itself is impressive though all I remember was sweating when I was inside since the whole thing is essentially built like a greenhouse. Hopefully it wasn’t too hot when you were there.

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Hey there thanks for the amzing photo from the outside. Well I had luck and we had cold weather so it was good!

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Hanger7! I went there a few years ago went I was on a trip in Europe. All the same aircraft except for the seaplane.

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Lucky! I have never seen inside one of these places. Only looked at them form the outside. Great shots!

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