Hangar Doors

I was in a Cessna 172 @KDCA in the GA hangar but when I started taxing the hanger doors weren’t open I ended up just going right through them which is not realistic is this a problem I mean it would be in real life but why don’t the hanger doors open this is especially going to be a problem if the developers decide to do any GA Airports

Hi Ethan! This is pretty much version 1 of the concept of buildings to Infinite Flight. No animations on the 3D objects and actual building structure have animations at this time but it is a plan to add animations and working parts to some objects in the future as it evolves. Sorry for the trouble.


Does anyone know if the current buildings will be fixed after version two comes out

What needs fixing? All buildings are static, as intended.


Future animations sir

Well, that may be a long way off…

Like what 10 years from now hopefully sooner

Likely way sooner. It is something they want to do in the future. They will continue to build off of the buildings side of things and this includes animations. Not too many specifics have been made public about working hangar doors and working objects besides the fact that it is something that is a plan in the future.


Hopefully they can do it in a year or two

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This release does not include animations (doors moving). They will come in a later release - right now this concept of 3D buildings is new to Infinite Flight, and they are focusing on converting airports to 3D before moving on to more complex features.

Check out the FAQ it will answer most of your questions :)

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They have planned to do static buildings for now
And full all the globe with 3D buildings first

Like most things in Infinite Flight and as has already been pointed out, our buildings are version 1. We’ll iterate on this and the goal is to add animations, lighting, and more features. We must work with time constraints, the technology available to us at the time, community demand, etc.

On the community demand side of things, GA is a very low representation of the overall userbase. It doesn’t mean it’s not important (I wish we had more features for GA too), it just means it’s a balancing act.

It’s not broken, it’s just not there yet.