Haneda Spotting - Hectic Intl terminal

Went to Tokyo not long ago and dedicaded one day to spotting at Haneda as well as joining the famous hangartour at JAL. The tour doesn’t dissapoint and provide some shockingly close view to aircrafts. I was fortunate to have E190/B738/B763 and B77W that day.

A bit off topic oops…Back to topic, HND T3 is absolute mayhem given how aircrafts have to be quickly tow away so that it does not block the gate for the upcoming flights and provide some interesting moves during the noon hours with all the US flights arriving coupled with flights from across the region.

Camera: Fujifilm XT-2
Lens: FUJINON XC50-230mmF4.5-6.7 OIS II

Air China A330-300 B-5912

The A333 is heading to PEK - sometimes I feel like the Star Alliance livery looks so much better than the standard CA livery that look quite… how should I say… nostalgic :p

China Southern B787-9 B-20AA
JAL B787-8 JA839J

The China Southern B789 is arriving from Guangzhou and I have to say, like Air China, special liveries on CZ looks far better than their nostalgic standard liveries :)
There’s also a CZ A330 at the far end - from flightradar24 that one is heading to Beijing like the CA A330 - but to PKX instead of PEK.
The JAL B788 behind is preparing for the afternoon service to SFO - and it seems like pax are boarded at this outer bay… I guess businessmen must not be pleased :p

China Eastern A330-300 B-1049

Haneda must have been a gold mine for MU - there’s 5 flights to Shanghai operated by China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines everyday… Let alone the 3 JL services to Shanghai which MU codeshares on…
This is operating the 1430 service to Hongqiao while FM’s flight to SHA(Operated by 789) leaves just an hour early… Should be a testament on how many people travel between the two cities.

Vietnam Airlines B787-9 VN-A871

After arriving from Hanoi the Dreamliner spent almost half an hour on the taxiway because a JAL 787 was not being towed from the gate which the VN 789 will use in time…

ANA B787-9 JA872A

While the CA Star Alliance A332 have left HND not long ago another Star Alliance aircraft comes in - this time it’s a local resident - ANA B789!
There’s also someone from behind that catches plenty attention at the Spotting deck which is…

Japan Airlines A350-1000 JA02WJ

The lady just arrived after a long way from Dallas - still sparkling new XD

ANA B767-300ER JA623A
Delta A350-900 N511DN

ANA and JAL was one of the few customers that ordered pax 763 at the end of pax 763 production.(Though being 13 years old is no longer young…) Bizzarely it seems like 623A has the luck of being the only 763WL in NH fleet NOT to be deployed on domestic services like other sisters…
The Delta A359 arrive from one hub and is returning to another one. The A350 here arrives from Atlanta and is returning to Detroit later while sistership comes in reverse direction…
Oh there’s the Skymark Pokemon 738 resting at background!

China Airlines A330-300 B-18358

She is flying back to Taipei Songshan this afternoon - CI would only deploy A333 into HND as A333 is the largest aircraft in CI fleet that could operate in TSA and demand dictates TSA-HND to be a gold mine to all. It must have been one of the most uncompetitive A330 in the market with the loop IFE installed 20 years ago still in use in the earlier aircrafts… Luckily the one we seen here is not one of those and comes with AVOD instead.
CI has ordered 787s to replace A333 - guess this pic shall gone in a few years time!

Philippine Airlines A321-200 RP-C9915
ANA B787-10 JA902A

The Philippino is heading back to Manila whereas the 78X is being towed for the evening flight to SGN.
From Flightradar24 the poor A321 seems to have 0 REST whereas the 78X enjoys quite a lot of time at Haneda everyday LOL.

United B777-200ER N793UA

The 777 arrives from Washington DC but is returning to SFO instead… Seems like both United and Delta like to swap their widebodies between hubs at HND.

Well and that’s it! Thank you for watching this thread and welcome to leave comments


Lovely photos!

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Cool photos! I live all the info you gave alongside of them!

Nice shots

Amazing photos! I’ll be flying into Haneda next week for the first time. Can’t wait!