Handy Resources for the Kai Tak Approach

In this thread you will find every information you need for RWY13 arrival at Kai Tak, as well as departures from other side which also includes sharp turns!


You should include the following fixes in your arrival:

From the west: SIKOU CHALI

From the south: IDOSI CHALI or DUMOL or SABNO or NOMAN

From the east: ELATO or DOTMI to MAGOG

From the north: POU TAMOT MIKE CHALI

DO NOT intercept IGS course directly from the north

You may find that all arrivals to RWY13 end at CH VOR. That’s where the approach begins:


Hard to follow? Don’t worry, here’s a nice little .fpl file for you:

VHHX IGS RWY13 APP.fpl (4.5 KB)

It includes every altitude restriction as well as DA at HKMM1: 675ft (OCL is 660ft AGL)
You can use VNAV for vertical guidance until HKMM1, and after that you can execute the turn if all goes well!
For lateral guidance, it’s suggested that you cross GOLF at or below 180kt or you may overshoot the turn.

3. Departures from RWY31

Congratulations! You have landed at Kai Tak and is now preparing for the return flight. Coincidentally, the wind directions changed and now RWY31 is in use. This made arrivals much easier:

All Arrivals to RWY31 should include fixes WISKY LIMA after arrlvals listed in part 1 and then follow ILS course

But how about the departures? To avoid the huge mountain at upwind, you’ll need to make a sharp left turn after takeoff.

Here’s another .fpl file for you to follow:
VHHX RWY31 INIT CLB.fpl (1.7 KB)

For those who want to manually fly the initial climb (requires some VOR navigation knowledge), you should turn left direct SC NDB, then intercept CH VOR radial 031 inbound (track 211)

After that you can follow the transition you want:


Congratulations! You have successfully done a round trip to Kai Tak. See you next time!


  1. Some procedures are simplified as defining a fix by VOR radial and distance in IF is extremely hard…
  2. All charts can be found here. Please mods don’t close this like a flash this is NOT Jeppesen chart
  3. Special thanks to @AdamCallow 's great tool, the procedures can’t be made without it!
  4. CH VOR is not visible but still exist in IF. To find it you can enter “CHALI CH” and then delete CHALI. It’s better to use the procedure provided for best experience.

Thank You!

Great tutorial! I will definitely bookmark this for later! :)

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thank you this really helped me

Flying into Kai Tak for the first time tomorrow night and as I was looking around the forum for resources I found this gem! This will be a featured airport tomorrow and I encourage others to check this guide out because carefully planning ahead truly makes all the difference :)

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Love it. Thank you!!

It has to look like this?


I honest to god don’t get why you don’t just land from the other end

Useful guide though

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I’m pretty sure you would love landing there in your MD11 😈

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Ya know it!

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The main reason why RWY31 wasn’t used due to the fact that the wind usually favoured RWY13. Also because if the pilots had to initiate a go around then they would have to make a sudden and very steep left hand turn, the same thing goes for take offs on 31.


Intresting I can see why the airport was developed over and retired

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It is quite a shame that it closed, but Kai Tak became just too small and towers in the area made it increasingly dangerous.
Also one interesting thing I find about this fpl for the igs 13 approach is that it flies straight over the current site of Chek Lap Kok.

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That was mainly due to the fact that the aircraft passed directly over a downtown area and people in the aircraft could see the people on the ground’s television sets.

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Wouldn’t people hang their washing out so it would dry in the jet blast?

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A big reason for landing on 13 is that it causes less noise pollution. When you have airports with water on one side and residential areas/city center on the other side, they try to route departures over the water if the winds allow it, since planes make more noise when they take off than when they land. Same story at KJFK, KLAX, RJTT, YSSY, etc.

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This was really helpful! Thanks a lot!
Just landed a VHHX from SBGL and SBGR, with a stop in FAOR, like Varig did back in their golden days.

There is also a shortcut whenever the IGS is out-of-service.

Stonecutters approach takes you out for a 90° turn to the right from 045° to 135° real fast (instead of the mostly used HKMM1 approach into VHHX). I was failing at using this approach course at this point.

It only takes 3 waypoints, from CH VOR to SC NDB then to RW NDB (that’s all). You basically do not rely on VNAV except an advice to not descend below 2000’ before D7.0 RW NDB.

A little bit of helpful advice, DO NOT DESCEND BELOW 800’ UNTIL PASSING SC NDB.

To perform a missed approach (for the CH VOR shortcut), directly turn right to 131° upon SC NDB and pass TH VOR and hold. If the ATC demands a go around and you’re already atapproaching the TDZE, just fly straight to TH VOR and hold.

There is also another option, by using the CC NDB instead of CH VOR.