Hands Free Cockpit Movement

Some pilots on Infinite Flight like to stay in the cockpit view for their whole flight, because who doesn’t love that realistic feel, right?

However, it can be very difficult to make turns on a taxiway without clipping the airport border, and that is not good at all. I am suggesting a new cockpit mode, where if you tilt your phone / tablet to the side (as if you’re in virtual reality), the view will only move horizontally, therefore allowing you to see where exactly your aircraft is going, without touching the screen, which distracts your rudder movement.

I tried to word this as best as I could, so let me know if you guys understand, and what you guys think of my idea down below. 🔽 :)


This is great! It could be engaged and disengaged with the push of a button! I would like to see this implemented if possible!

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This would be good but it isn’t needed if you have a joystick.

The mode can be disabled if you don’t need it then. :)


This would be a great feature for IF!

It will be great and dreams come true if we have this feature in global because we all need to be a good pilot so I so realistic and a would like if they can release these features with global flight .😎✌🏿

Call me a thread necromancer, but this is an awesome idea. I’m not really sure how I stumbled upon it, but it’s quite nice.

and auto coordination? image


This would be helpful especially when parking and you end up a mile a away from the actual parking area/ triangle thing (I don’t know what it’s called but my nose gear is always stopped to early from the end of it.