A number of the newer e-pilots have not had exposure to the concept of a handoff. What can we do to remedy that?

Someone could make a tutorial. Handoff is a pretty simple concept.

MaxSez: @Kelly_EM… Pls cite the source of this revelation?

I believe he thinks new 9 year olds in IF don’t know which buttons to press.


You would have to have used the ATC feature to contemplate the question. Who moderates these questions, trolls-r-us?

Agreed. Users on the training server often near a controlled or uncontrolled airport and, while under center or approach, vacate the frequency, without being handed off.

I find myself using “stay on my frequency” in this case, which only half the time has the desired result. It would be useful perhaps to have an additional statement such as: “stay on my frequency, ill hand you off in a few minutes.”

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I am ATC on Expert server.


Since when lol

I can attest that he is! @AR_AR is one of the best controllers for IFATC

I though you just flew spitfires

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Well, let’s not go that far. jk lol

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@Kelly_EM : MaxSez: well my friend the reason they quite Approches freq is because the comm menu is not Pilot Friendly & Approach Controllers have a tendency to catch Fly’s and routinely fail to check flight plans and play gottya 40 miles out or outside the outer circle when passing by. I freq leave Approch’s freq when modifying my FP or choose to fly to an alternate when my original arrival port is extra bzy. This stay on my freq bit with no response is a ghost catcher! Tell me to stay on a Freq and I bail out. The last change gave Controllers a bag full of new calls/tricks. Pilots got nada. Advantage Controllers… Just Sayin!

(Info: @AR_AR)

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Good info. One does not need to bail to change a flight plan. I think what is going one is that thry know they are getting close to the airport in my case, and they they just change and go there.

Pilots are getting somewhat better about asking for a freq change.

One almost has to have been a pilot to understand the linkages in the atc comm system.

Advanced ATC should always hand off without pilot needing to request. I always do and I find that some pilots have a bad habit of asking for freq change before behind handed off, or before being handed off way too early (and clogging my frequency).

@Kelly_EM Point taken on Plan Chg. Was unclear, was referring to after check in or receipt of guard msg. Once Approach got ya no comm response available to indicate visual approach/ short final (non-ILS) desired particularly for light GA.Squawking 1200 not available, Flight Plan non-specific IMC/VMC. Plus no comm.Request in menu for route Chg or divert. Many Pilot variables requests not covered in all menu’s. Frustrating. “Stay on my Freq”!, why, just pass me to tower, if safety of flight issue my course in Approach AO just call me! Just sayin… Regards, Max.

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