Handoff without permission / Fast speeds on short final

Hello IFC, pilots, people, etc…

I’m making this topic after today’s local session in RKSI, which many aircraft were approaching at 220kts on a 2 mile final.

In this topic I would like to talk about two things that I’ve seen lately. Two simple things that in case on not doing that, it would cost some professionalism, would cause conflicts in airspace, and cause beef between pilots and ATC, at instance where the pilot gets reported.

Yes, IFATC has the recourses to correct it, as a report is the last option, but it’s a behaviour that I’ve seen a lot lately…

Handoff without permission

This triggers a lot. And especially on radar frequency. The most common scenario would be people asking frequency change when they were not cleared for an approach, or simply they just handoff without being instructed.

What I’d like to say is that, once the approach controller gives you an “expect approach”, it means you are expecting an approach, and once you are cleared, then they will hand you off to tower/unicom. Simply don’t switch frequency when on approach. Those nice looking patterns, steady approach lines, these come from them, hence the reason why you shouldn’t switch off unless instructed otherwise. What would happen if approach needs you, on-guards you, and since you don’t contact you provoke a conflict? Some steps to the Training Server, right?

I’ve seen people that switch off without permission because controllers warn them, mostly for not following instructions. That would basically take you to the Violation Menu - that may take you to the Training Server.

So please, unless instructed by ATC, do not hand off by your own. Although, If you have been cleared and didn’t recieve any handoff when on a 5 mile final, then feel free to request it. We can forget sometimes. And if you did something wrong, correct it, and apologies if needed.

Also, if taking off, don’t switch / request immediatly. Wait for the controller to hand you off.

Speeds on final = Unecessary fast speeds when on short final.

Today in RKSI I’ve saw a plane trying to land at 250kts two times, planes having to G/A because they can’t manage their speeds… or even just don’t follow ATC assigned speeds. And in the recent days, I’ve seen people having loss of separation due to pilots going at ridiciulously fast speeds on short final.

People sometimes goes 250kts on base, which it increases the risk of missing the ILS, for example, or loosing separation with aircraft.

So, to keep it simple: in a busy airspace, fly at <220kts on downwind, <180kts on base, and one on a 5nm final, 120-150kts (depending on aircraft type)… unless instructed by ATC otherwise.

What could happen if flying fast on final with nobody around: nothing. But in a busy airspace: trouble; and if there is a plane in front of you: trouble.

You can refer to the post linked below, which it explains the issue very well:

Avoid troubles, fly professionally, follow ATC instructions, and If they warn you for something wrong, correct it, apologies, and move on. We won’t report people unless there is too many issues, or a major infraction.

And avoid flying a fighter at +500kts in controlled airspace. That’s a level 3 guaranteed if congested. There is a topic about it. :)
Read the manual, It will help a lot.

Thank you, and safe flights, blue skies and tailwinds. :)


Thanks for making this, hopefully this can change a few pilots

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I hope so…

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Sad that another topic had to include this. Thanks for the friendly reminder!


That’s a great topic!

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Excellent and straightforward topic! Hopefully some pilots on the ES can read this and change their habits/improve

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Totally agree with you! Thank you for the imput

Let’s see… it won’t definetly change the whole thing but at least some people can have a look

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