Handoff Issues

Recently, I’m unable to switch off Approach to any other frequency, even when the Approach controller sends the handoff request. It remains stuck on Approach. Anyone else having this issue?

Could you please provide some screenshots so we can have more chance of solving your problem correctly.

I can’t at the moment. But it shows me tuned into Tower, for example, yet the controller I hear is Approach (who clearly seems me on his channel as he keeps trying to switch me off to Tower). This has happened numerous times.

Hi @klingbaum
If you would like to look at all of these support threads they should help you. Just scroll through them.
Frequency issues
How to properly tune out of a frequency

Thanks. This is the procedure I follow and my screen will show that I’m not tuned in to Approach (or any other frequency). It also shows me tuned into Tower yet the Approach controller is the person I’m actually connected to

I think I might know what this is about:

As you know, the ATC messages appear at the top and a voiceover speaks the commands that are displayed at the top.

Sometimes at a busy airport, there are new commands appearing faster than the voiceover can say them. This results in a delay of the voiceover commands over the command being displayed at the top of the screen.

When you tune out of a frequency, if there is a delay, the voiceover will continue to say the commands (on the frequency you just left) up until the command that was issued last before you tuned out.

(I’ve had this ‘issue’ several times before, its normal)

In your case, you tuned out of approach, but since the approach frequency for the airport was probably busy, you could still hear the approach commands up until the last command issued before you left, even though you are tuned into tower.

What airport where you st?

Sorry if this is confusing, I tried to make it as understandable as possible.

Hope this helps and HAPPY LANDINGS!!

Helpful thanks. The concern is that I’m on or near final and need to speak to the Tower but cannot.

Also, I’m wondering if it’s something else — because Approach is still directing me to tune into Tower

Either way, this is a real problem. How do we rectify this?

So you’re tuned into tower but can’t contact them.

Hmmmmmm…maybe they’re having connection problems???

Maybe we should get a moderator in here.

@schyllberg or @Chris_S i know its the expo but we need your help here.

I would love to see a proper screenshot displaying the issue. It’ll be quite hard to continue other.

I don’t know what you think but to me sounds like a connection issue

Have you tried tuning your WiFi off and back on? With that, you will lose connection to the frequency and then reconnect.

I will try to do the screen shot though not sure how that will help as I’ve described the exact issue.

Also, will try disconnected WiFi/cell and reconnecting to see if that helps.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Careful with interrupting your Network connection to your mobile device.
IF can be sensitive for this and it may result in unpredictable behavior.



I can’t say i’ve experienced or heard of it before, at least not in such great detail as you’ve described. Except for the other topic mentioned by Trevor.

I would love a screen recording or something of the issue, just to see if we can determine where it all goes wrong. Maybe if you could provide us with as exact timestamps of when you’re experiencing this as well. Basically, all the details surrounding the session when this happens would be helpful.

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Schyllberg beat me to it! I was just about to ask that!

I’ve been having this issue for quite sometime. Just 2day I was contacting approach first he keep asking my intentions then I was handed of to tower where I switched and send. The ATC options says I’m on tower frequency but I still hear approach vectors and approach keeps asking me to contact tower. I’ve ask a couple weeks ago on here but no one knows what I was talking about. I have recently started talking screenshots just in case get ghosted.

We have seen it before, but we don’t know what causes it, so as Seb said, any information you can collect and provide to FDS would be appreciated, I’m sure.

From the perspective of ghosting, as I said, we do see it from time to time, and generally, the controller will let tower know that you can’t switch, or it will just be evident enough from the situation that you shouldn’t be ghosted. If you are, just take a screenshot of your comms with tower from your side and it will be cleared up.

However, just remember that when you land, you will not be able to communicate with ground either, so don’t sit blocking an exit for 20 minutes asking for taxi to parking. If there a runway crossing or two involved, it’s probably best to just end the flight after landing.


Think I’ve had something like this happen to me once or twice on the pilot side and once on the atc side. Iirc I was able to resolve it pilot-side when I realized atc couldnt see my comms was to switch to a different frequency and back.

Thanks everyone. I’ve tried all the suggested fixes and it’s happened again this morning. Was unable to switch onto Perth Approach — all signs showed I was on that frequency, and I tried backing out and back in. But nothing worked.


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