Handoff feature

Wondering if the devs could build a handoff feature. Not sure how many of you know what this is or what it is for. I will try to explain as quickly and simply as possible.
A handoff is just a way of passing the aircraft data and data block from controller to controller without having to manually call. This way controller A will know controller B is ready and willing to accept the aircraft.
A feature like this could help with controller overload.


This is now included in IF I believe now

also love the May 2015 vibes from this Post C:

the oldest features request on IFC that isnt closed


How did you even find this feature request 😂

It had a good run.

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A friend showed it to me

cough cough @Captain-787

Five Years Later (SpongeBob voice)


Well we know it’ll be closed soon. moment of silence
Kinda sad it never had a vote or comment

I give it 20min LOL NOT THAT LONG

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No need to bump 5 year old requests… just flag for closure please.